1 in 3 companies are accelerating their digitalization

The services sector with 38.9%, trade with 36.7% and industry with 34.4% are the most digitized

BY RRHH Digital, 14:22 – 30 December 2020

In the wake of the pandemic, digital transformation is proving essential for the business world. Some experts even speak of the arrival of a fourth industrial revolution: the digital revolution. And the figures for this 2020 confirm it. According to the Promotion du travail report, 35.3% of companies opted for the digitalization of their structures in 2020.

This percentage is even higher in medium and large companies, in which 46.4% have undertaken processes to digitize their activities. In the case of micro and small enterprises, these figures drop to 23.1% and 31.2%, respectively.

Teleworking, the first flagship measure

The most used measure at the start of 2020 was the introduction of teleworking with 71.4%. 78.8% of small businesses have accelerated their digitization thanks to this measure and 99.4% in the case of large companies.

Services and commerce, the most digitized

Regarding sectors, it is services (38.9%), commerce (36.7%) and industry (34.4%) that have opted the most for digital transformation processes: “A lot of them were for an act of survival, and to transfer to the online world its entire commercial channel, such as stores or restaurants, in order to remain viable, ”they say from Deusto Formacin, a center online continuing education program specializing in business training programs and new technologies, and currently taught in the Graduate Course on Digital Transformation.

However, from the training center, they warn of the importance of having qualified personnel to carry out this transformation: “This landing in the online world is not easy, because it requires adapting the processes. , apply structural changes and have specific knowledge of the digital environment. “.

With all this, digitization is currently positioned as a priority in the business world and it has become one of the strategies to better position itself in the market.

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