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Health News: Corona has attacked an equal part of the person, who is already weak. Most people have died from lung infections. By the way, lung disease is a common problem that many people are worried about.

Health News: Corona infections have had a worldwide impact. The first wave has wreaked havoc in some countries and the second wave has wreaked havoc in some countries. Corona attacks the same part of the person who is already weak. Most people have died from lung infections. By the way, lung disease is a common problem that many people are worried about. It may be a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma or mesothelioma. Every lung disease affects overall health. Corona and black fungus directly attack a person’s lungs. That is why it is so important to be strong in the lungs. A person’s diet is responsible for lung weakness. It causes damage to the lungs and heart due to negligence in diet. Let us know about such foods which are at risk of lung damage.

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White bread
Simple carbohydrates like white bread should be avoided at breakfast, as the lungs put more effort into it for metabolism. Which has a greater effect on the lungs. Experts have ruled out cutting more than three of them.

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Potato chips
Potato is a vegetable that is used as a vegetable throughout the year. People are very fond of potato chips. But an overdose can put your lungs at risk. Potato chips are high in saturated fat. Trans and saturated fats also damage the heart.

Rich in cocoa nutrients, dark chocolate contains nutrients such as fiber, iron, copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorus. But chocolate also contains caffeine, which can interfere with medications or increase heart rate. The amount of sugar in chocolate invites lung disease. If you want to eat chocolate, then eat only good quality expensive chocolate.

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Processed meat
People who consume meat take a little precaution in the meat of the hotel. Try to stay away from wherever processed meat is found. This is because an element called nitrite is used to keep processed meat longer. Which can cause inflammation and stress in your lungs. These processed meats include bacon, ham, deli meats and sausages. For those who are fond of meat, thin meats like salmon and chicken are a better option.

In general, alcohol increases inflammation in the lungs. Beer is also carbonated which can cause bloating. This puts extra pressure on your lungs and can make it difficult to breathe. Therefore, it is better not to consume beer.

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