10 South African babies born: story of a South African woman claiming she gave birth to 10 babies

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The claim of a South African woman giving birth to 10 children has turned out to be false. Investigators said the woman named Gosiam Sithol had not given birth to 10 children at a time. Officials in Gautem province say there is no record of ten babies born together in a hospital in their state. Investigators even said Gosiam Sithol was not even pregnant recently.

woman with mental illness
The 37-year-old woman is struggling with mental illness, according to a BBC report. He is kept under surveillance under the Mental Health Act. The local government is providing medical assistance to this woman. However, officials did not explain why the woman created the story of the birth of 10 children.

Pretoria News still sticks to its report
Independent Online (IOL), the company that owns Pretoria News, which first published the news, said it always sticks to its news. The report alleged that Gosiam Sithol gave birth to 10 children on June 7 at Steve Biko University Hospital (SBAH) in the capital Pretoria amid half-hearted preparations. The report also said hospital management and provincial health officials were trying to cover up the medical negligence.

Threat of legal action against a news site
However, government officials in Pretoria have denied the allegations. He says the negligence claims are false and unfounded. These allegations were made to tarnish the good reputation of the Steve Biko Teaching Hospital and the Gauteng Provincial Government. Officials also raised the possibility of taking legal action against Pete Rampedi, the editor of Pretoria News, and Independent Online, the company that owns it.

Woman gives birth to 10 children in South Africa, sets Guinness Book of World Records!
How did this story come about?
The woman, named Gosiam Sithol, lives in Thembisa, a labor camp in Gauteng Province, near Johannesburg, with her husband, Tebogo Tsotetsi. During the pregnancy, the couple arrived to pray at a local church where they met Pete Rampedi, editor of Pretoria News. It is alleged that Rampedi interviewed the couple in May. In this, the couple expressed the hope of having 8 children together. On June 8, Pretoria News published the report that Gosiam Sithol had given birth to 10 babies in a hospital in Pretoria.

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