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What is the most important ingredient for a well-puffed pastry? Baking powder of course! And when we think of baking powder, of course, we think of the yogurt cake we made, my little ones … But baking powder, often in small pink packets, has other unexpected virtues!

You should know that baking soda or artisanal yeast doesn’t keep very long … and when it’s expired, goodbye to puffed cakes! But even if it’s out of date, baking soda can still come in handy. Here are ten surefire home tips so you don’t have to throw away your expired baking bags!

What exactly is baking soda?

Baking powder, also known as baking powder, baking powder or baking powder, is a mixture that essentially consists of a basic agent (sodium bicarbonate), an acidic agent (tartaric acid or sodium pyrophosphate) and a stabilizer (wheat starch or corn). It comes in the form of a white powder and is used to swell bread and pastries.

Odor neutralizer!

This is the first virtue of this white powder and it doesn’t matter if it is no longer edible! Spray your carpets, armchairs, car seats…. Let it take effect and vacuum it off. This disinfects the fabrics and removes bad smells!

A stain remover for clothes!

Baking soda is almost “magic” for grease stains! All you have to do is put yeast on the stain, let it soak in, and then put the garment in the machine … and it works, we’ve already tried it.

Stronger laundry!

If you have heavily soiled clothes to wash, such as overalls or irretrievable pants, add a teaspoon of yeast to your laundry! This not only makes the encrusted stains less visible, but above all the smell of mud or gasoline has disappeared.

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Also an anti-ant!

When the beautiful days come back, the ants will come back too! Drop a potion of baking soda and salt (equal parts) on the potential passage of these intruders … Usually, they should reverse quickly!

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A cleaner for pots and pans!

Soaking your dishes in hot water and some baking soda will save you the tedious work in the future. A shot of tawashi and your casseroles will be impeccable!

Baking soda aids digestion!

Difficult digestion is not always pleasant to deal with! To avoid gas from foods like dry beans, add 1 teaspoon of yeast to the cooking water. This prevents gas and gas in the fateful moment of digestion.

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A deodorant for shoes!

If you don’t have the Sneaker Cleaner to clean your shoes, maybe you have an expired bag of yeast left over? Just fill an old pair of socks with baking soda and leave them in your shoes … No more smelly shoes!

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A felt eraser!

Has your child mistaken himself for Picasso and redecorated the living room wall with a pretty watercolor? A little yeast diluted in a little water should solve the problem. Just scrub with an old toothbrush and watch the stain disappear from the painted walls.

A pipe unblocker!

A clogged sink? And you have to dismantle the pipelines! Unless you pour half a cup of yeast on the bottom of the sink, then 125 ml of white vinegar … the alchemy should work and make the stopper go away!

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A microwave cleaner!

2 tablespoons of baking soda A bowl of 500 ml of water

Heat everything in the microwave for two minutes … The stuck on food will be peeled off and all you have to do is wipe it off! Nothing is lost, everything is converted, even the baking soda that we thought was unusable!

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