100 years of CPC: Imran Khan says US is pressuring Pakistan to take sides and downgrade relations with China

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Imran Khan, who is busy appeasing the dragon after the 100 years of the Communist Party in power in China, said the United States was pressuring us to reduce friendship with China.
At the end of the 100 years of the ruling Communist Party in China, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has now started to appease the dragon. Imran Khan claimed in a conversation with China’s state-owned TV broadcaster that America and other Western countries are pressuring Pakistan to reduce friendship with China and promote them. Without naming India, Imran Khan said that whenever Pakistan has a conflict with the neighboring country, China is always with us.

Imran Khan said in a conversation with CGTN that this attitude of America and other Western countries is very unfair. He said that even after so much pressure, Pakistan will not reduce or change its relationship with China. He said the reason is that the relations between the two countries are deeply linked. When asked about the relations between China and Pakistan in the regional context, Imran Khan said that Pakistan has always had a special relationship with China.
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The Pakistani prime minister said the two countries remain united in international forums. Imran said there was “strange competition” between the United States and China in the region. He said, ‘You see America is worried about China. The way the United States and China see each other creates problems because the United States is in the process of building a regional alliance called the Quad. Many countries, including America and India, are involved.

Imran said it was very unfair for America and other Western powers to pressure a country like Pakistan to take its side. He said, ‘Why should we take someone’s side? We need to have a good relationship with everyone. Imran Khan called China, which conspired with Pakistan in international forums against India, as his true friend.

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