100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party: Chinese Air Force Plane Flies on the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party: China showed its military might on the 100th day of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party

Today marks the centenary of the founding of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The party was founded on July 1, 1921 by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong with some of his Communist friends in Shanghai. On this occasion, a large military parade was organized in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the capital of China. Millions of people from all over China and members of the Communist Party arrived in Beijing to attend the event. On the 100th day of the founding of the Communist Party, Party Secretary-General and President of China Xi Jinping not only outlined the future, but also warned enemy countries to China, including Taiwan and America, by gestures. Tiananmen Square is the same place where, 32 years ago, in June 1989, China fired tanks at unarmed civilians demanding democracy. More than 10,000 people died in this incident.

China has shown its military might to the world

China held a grand military parade on the 100th day of the founding of the Communist Party. Meanwhile, military helicopters, fighter jets, infantry and aerobatic teams also exhibited aerial prowess. Chinese helicopters have also received many accolades for flying through the air over 100 years of training. The infantrymen drew people in by parading down a crowded road. Beijing was decorated like a bride on this occasion. Banners and posters were put up everywhere to mark the end of the 100 years of the celebration. People also came out of their homes and joined in this celebration.

J-20 planes took to the skies in the form of Victory

On the founding day, 15 Chinese Air Force J-20 stealth fighter jets took off and performed aerial feats. It is the most advanced fighter plane in China. China recently started mass production of this fighter jet. J-20 fighter jets flew in victory shape. China has never included such a large number of J-20 fighter jets in an air show. On October 1, 2019, as many as five J-20 fighter jets participated in the China National Day military parade. Chinese military aviation expert Fu Qianshao told the Global Times that the direct significance of inducing so many J-20 fighters is to show enemies their strength. China recently launched several J-20 units.

Chinese transport helicopters also flew with the flag

Chinese transport helicopters also flew with the country’s flag on the party’s founding day. It included an entire fleet of Z-20 helicopters, Z-8G helicopters. These helicopters etched the image of 100 years in the air. Not only that, but he also showed the country’s air power by flying very low on the parade route. China has also deployed Z-20 and Z-8G helicopters to Tibet’s borders to deal with lingering tensions with India. China says these helicopters can carry soldiers and military equipment to high altitudes and to areas inaccessible in all weather. The Z-8G helicopter can operate even at an altitude of 4,500 feet. It is also the largest transport helicopter in China.

Z-10 gunships also seen in Tiananmen Square

China also exhibited the Z-10A attack helicopter in Tiananmen Square. In response to the Indian Apache, China deployed a Z-10A attack helicopter to Ladakh. Last year, China also held a live fire drill of this helicopter. The Z-10A attack helicopter was developed by the China Aircraft Industrial Group and the China Helicopter Research and Development Institute. While this helicopter is manufactured by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation. The Z-10 helicopter was developed primarily for attacking enemy territory. Which is equipped with anti-tank and air-to-air missiles. This helicopter was first demonstrated by China in 2003. In this helicopter, the gunner is in the front seat while the pilot is seated in the back seat. Bulletproof armor was also used in the helicopter to protect the pilot and the gunner. In which the seated shooter can shoot enemies with a 20mm or 30mm automatic cannon. It also carries eight AJ-10 anti-tank guided missiles and eight TY-19 air-to-air missiles. Apart from this, four PL-5, PL-7 and PL-9 air-to-air missiles are also deployed.

The Chinese military also took part in the parade

On this occasion, a contingent of infantry from the Chinese army also participated in the parade. People’s Liberation Army, People’s Liberation Army Air Force and People’s Liberation Army Navy troops march with marching bands on Beijing’s Main Street across the square Tiananmen. On this occasion, a large number of people also came to attend the parade.

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