11th Gen Intel Core vPro debuts at CES 2021

The Intel Core vPro platform is the processor segment for business computers. As such, it has hardware-level technologies to detect and block threats. In this way, they use artificial intelligence to remember our usage patterns and block suspicious activity.

For example, the Hardware Shield feature uses artificial intelligence to stop ransomware attacks and cryptocurrency mining. In addition, Control-Flow Enforcement technology is able to control the flow of a program’s execution to ensure that it does not slip out of its intended operation.

The Intel Core vPro benefits from artificial intelligence on a daily basis

The addition of artificial intelligence techniques in the 11th generation Intel Core vPro makes a big difference in everyday office applications. Here, the Californian firm shows its chest against its direct competition, the AMD Ryzen PRO. For example, this is the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor compared to the AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U.

1.38x better overall application performance. 1.24x faster when browsing the web. 5 times more efficient in artificial intelligence. 1.23 times better performance in Office 365. 1.52 times more productive in a video call. 1.8x faster in video editing.

This data is particularly representative given that the AMD processor has twice as many cores and threads as the Intel processor. However, we have to remember that “blue team” hardware has Intel Xe graphics, while “red team” maintains Vega graphics.

Big improvements over 10th Gen Intel Core

Compared to the 10th generation Intel Core vPro, the company promises 8 times better performance in artificial intelligence and 2.3 times better in video editing. Here it should be noted that the predecessors still used the 14 nanometer technology from the Ice Lake family. Therefore, the performance of integrated graphics is an exponential leap from UHD graphics to Intel Xe.

The improvement is even more significant, especially in terms of denial, if we take into account that the equipment of the Evo vPro program will be accompanied by WiFi 6 / 6E developed by Intel. Of course, they will also support Thunderbolt 4 and PCIe 4, with which we will be able to increase their possibilities thanks to the docks and external graphics.

As with the consumer Intel Evo program, the company promises that Intel Core vPro computers under the program will benefit from an instant reboot, increased battery life, and other improvements. These teams will start to be seen later this month, and the company is promising more than 60 laptops from other brands scheduled for this year.

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