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It is a bottle-to-sea call and the survival of many patients is at stake! But also from those who cross the street of a driver who are victims of a bleeding … In short, all these people have or need blood! And the French blood donation facility warns of the shortage of blood bags from this new detention. No, we do not get Covid 19 in donation rooms, reserves have never been so low …

Less than 100,000 bags are available for all pathologies or accidents combined … It is a little too little and everyone can act! As the EFS reminds us :! One blood donation saves three lives!

“After the bank holidays in May, which led to a significant decrease in blood reserves, the EFS noted a decrease in the number of visits to its blood donation campaigns with the deconfining. »Warns the organization in a disturbing press release. “With fewer than 85,000 bags, the blood reserves are now too low and the situation is very fragile, especially for blood groups O and B.”

And the EFS calls on all volunteers to donate blood, plasma and platelets so that the reserves become acceptable again. The lives of thousands of people in France are at stake! Every French hospital would need 100,000 more bags to have sufficient reserves of each blood type. But ideally 120,000 bags would be needed to handle the usual summer drops! In addition, it should be noted that 500,000 patients benefit from blood transfusions every year.

Yes, people vaccinated with Covid can give!

If you have asked yourself this question, we have the answer: No, the Covid19 vaccination does not prevent you from donating blood! There is no grace period for vaccinations. Only people infected with Covid 19 have to wait 14 days after symptoms go away.

No risk in donation centers!

Since we donated our plasma last week, we can of course certify that all measures are being followed … A new mask will be provided at the entrance, each donor will be offered a pen, the snack will be prepared in a separate room without contact with other donors. And of course the usual protocols are followed and even reinforced when taking samples! There is absolutely no risk of contamination in any donation center!

500,000 people benefit from blood transfusions every year. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Alexandros Michailidis

How do I make an appointment?

There are three ways to donate blood:

Who can donate blood?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 70 who weighs more than 50 kg and who is recognized as fit after the interview can donate blood. After 60 years, the first donation is subject to assessment by an EFS doctor. Men can donate up to 6 times a year, women up to 4 times. A minimum period of 8 weeks must be observed between two blood donations. Finally, when some actions are final, you should know that 80% of donation deferrals are temporary. The candidate for the donation can therefore report again after observing the grace period.

Here you will find the few contraindications to donating blood! Tomorrow you might be the one who needs blood, in the meantime donate yours! It’s urgent !

The Covid19 vaccine does not prevent blood donations! Image rights: Shutterstock / StrDr stock

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