16% fewer contracts signed than a year ago

A dramatic January for the retail sector: 16% fewer contracts were signed than a year ago

Randstad, number 1 in human resources in Spain and in the world, has carried out a study on the behavior of the labor market in the commerce sector during the last year. To do this, he compared the figures for the past year provided by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

Randstad reveals that, despite the sales campaign, the retail sector signed 139,393 contracts in January, 10.3% less than last December, when 155,381 were signed, and 16% less than the volume recorded a year ago (165,976). Since October, the month in which the level of hiring recovered after the summer, this indicator has shown a negative trend, dragged down by the worsening of the epidemiological situation.

Evolution of recruitment in the commercial sector

Source: Randstad and SEPE

By analyzing the evolution of hiring since January 2020, we see that the indicator begins to decline at the same time as the increase in cases of covid-19, reaching its lowest volume, nearly 72,000 signatures, in April. , the cruelest month of the first wave and confinement. It has since started to experience considerable growth, reaching over 181,500 contracts in July, the highest in the period under review. After the sharp drop in August (117,175 signatures), the indicator rose again, reaching the second highest level in October, 172,760 contracts, before falling back to around 140,000 current signatures.

“Neither Black Friday, nor the Christmas campaign, nor the January sales had a really decisive effect on the hiring of companies, which invites us to think that, despite the positive influence of e-commerce , which mainly affects the sector is affected by the restrictions and uncertainty caused by the health situation, ”says Valentn Bote, director of Randstad Research.

The hiring of women fell by 17.7%

Randstad also points out that women were hit more than their male counterparts, as their hiring fell 17.7% in one year, from 90,909 signatures to 74,842, while that of men did so in one year. .14%, from 75,067 to 64,551.

Regarding the age of professionals who have signed contracts in the sector, the segment most affected is that of the under 25s: it has fallen by 19.5%, from 41,985 contracts to 33,816. Over 45s also saw their hiring volume suffer, falling by 19.2%, from 29,454 to 23,800.

Rental in shops according to age group

Source: Randstad and SEPE

For its part, the largest segment, that of professionals aged 25 to 45, fell from 94,537 contracts to 81,777, which translates into a drop of 13.5%.

The Canary Islands, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands register the largest rental losses

The autonomous community where the contract is signed was also taken into account when carrying out this study. Randstad points out that the biggest drops in hiring in commerce compared to January 2020 took place in the Canary Islands (-31.1%), Catalonia (-25.9%) and the Balearic Islands (-24.9% ). With more marked declines than the national average (-16%) are Cantabria (-23.1%), Galicia (-21.8%), the Community of Madrid (-17.9%), Castile- La Mancha (-16.9%) and Extremadura (-16%).

Recruitment in the trade sector by autonomous community

Source: Randstad and SEPE

Already with less pronounced declines than the national average, we find Andalusia (-15.4%), Aragn (-14.1%), Navarre (-11.3%), Euskadi (- 9.8%) and Castilla Len (-8.4%). The smallest decreases were recorded in La Rioja (-7.7%), in Asturias (-5.3%), in the region of Murcia (-4.7%) and in the Valencian Community, with a decrease of only seven tenths.

At the provincial level, the only hiring increases in the commerce sector compared to last year were in Guadalajara (22%), Castelln (20.1%), Soria (17.4%), Palencia (8 , 1%), Huelva (7.1%), Zamora (3.7%) and Valence (0.6%)

When it comes to volumes, Andalusia (25,335), Catalonia (21,583) and the Valencian Community (20,179) account for 61% of all contracts signed in the country in January in the trade sector, all exceeding 17,000 items.

Weight of hires in retail in January according to autonomous community

Source: Randstad and SEPE

At a distance, with more discreet volumes and under 10,000 contracts, are Galicia (8304), Euskadi (7681), the Region of Murcia (6257), Castille and Len (6027), Canaries (5916), Castille- La Manche (4634) and Aragn (3798)

The Communities with the fewest contracts, less than 3,000, are Asturias (2,529), the Balearics (2,346), Extremadura (2,057), Navarre (1,958), Cantabria (1,741) and La Rioja (862).

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