2020 ends with more than 44,000 new unemployed in construction

The health crisis has caused a sharp rise in unemployment in construction. According to data from the Ministry of Labor, it is economic activity where unemployment increased the most last December, both in percentage and in absolute terms.

More specifically, registered unemployment increased by 18,496 people (6.17%), while in industry it increased by 9,885 people (3.24%) and in services by 8,134 others (0 ,30%). Agriculture was the only sector in which the number of people enrolled in the state’s public employment services declined last month, with a decrease of 1,311 people (-0.71%).

After this rebound, unemployment in the brick sector ended the year at 318,155 people and signed its worst figure in a month of December since 2016. Throughout 2020, a year marked by covid-19, the sector recorded an increase of unemployment of 44,133 people or, what is the same, 16.1%. From the lows of the recovery marked in June 2019 (248,504 unemployed), the rebound is close to 70,000 people. So over the past year and a half, the number has climbed 28%.

However, if we look at the monthly data, we discover that the number of unemployed in construction has reached its highest level since May, the month in which the gradual withdrawal of the refinement proposed by the government for the Autonomous Communities began, and remains below the peak marked in April, in a state of alert, where more than 344,000 unemployed in this activity were counted. In addition, we can not forget that in early 2012, with Spain on the brink of international bailout, the brick hit over 800,000 unemployed.

Another positive reading can be taken from Social Security figures. And the year of the health pandemic ended with a slight rebound in contributors linked to the construction sector: if at the end of 2019 there were 1.26 million people registered in the system, to by the end of 2020 there were recorded 1,263 million. In other words, last year the number of Social Security contributors in the activity increased by 3,580 people. This is the highest figure since February, just before the decree on the state of alarm.

However, as with the strike, brickwork was the activity that performed the best in December. According to data from the Ministry of Social Security, it recorded the most pronounced drop, registering a drop in affiliates of 2.23%; followed by the hospitality industry, where the number of contributors fell by 1.85%.

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