2020 U.S. election betting odds: Donald Trump has become the top choice of bookmakers

The presidential election vote is still taking place in America. But bookmakers are still confident that Donald Trump will win. A former British banker is betting around $ 5 million (around Rs 37 crore) on Trump’s victory in Britain. It is considered the biggest political bet ever. However, in pre-election polls, Joe Biden appears to be taking the lead.

Will get three times the money on Trump’s win
If Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, the bookmaker will receive at least $ 15 million. Speculators are hoping that the situation will change completely in the coming days and that Donald Trump will beat his rival Joe Biden in the election.

Betting is illegal in America
Betting in state or local elections is illegal in the United States. Therefore, all betting related activities take place only on foreign websites. Being illegal, people can open it secretly in America. According to an AFP report, those who put money on the asset seem to derive 90 times the benefit.

The speculators have told the truth!
A British bookie said there is no doubt that people are more supportive of Trump. He reported that billions of rupees were at stake in Trump’s favor. At the same time, an Irish bookmaker said that after betting slowed down due to the Corona virus, the market has now risen due to its gains again in favor of Trump.

In which states does Donald Trump win
There are 9 states in the United States where Republicans in Donald Trump’s party already have an advantage. These states are Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Donald Trump’s victory in these states is considered certain.

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Where is Joe Biden’s Democratic Party in front
In the investigation, Joe Biden’s Democratic Party is ahead of Donald Trump’s Republican in several states. This includes California, New York, Washington State, Massachusetts, Oregon, Illionis, New Jersey, Colorado, and Virginia. Joe Biden is being told further by a wide margin here.

What states are swing states
There are many states in the United States where there is a close fight between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. These states are believed to play an important role in electing a new president in this election. They include the states of Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Visconis, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvanian, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada.

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