2020 U.S. Primary Election Result

Author: Ajay Kumar
The US elections are eagerly viewed around the world. The main reason for this is that these elections affect the politics and economic policies of countries around the world. In the United States, the Democratic Party is known as a party of minorities, blacks and immigrants, while the Republican Party is seen as a party of companies and billionaires. Ideologically, it is a grossly racist and anti-feminist party. It is no coincidence that Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the diaspora at the “Howdy Modi” event held in Houston (United States) last year, shouting from the “Abki Bar, Trump Sarkar” scene. Trump is a natural friend of Modi. Trump announced a ban on immigrants from Islamic countries entering the United States, also made openly anti-Pakistan statements, and continued to denounce Muslims in the name of opposition to terrorism.

Mysterious silence
The ideology of the BJP is no different from that of Trump. How can the Indian media lag behind when you see Modi standing with Trump? She has a problem with Kamala Harris, who is of Indian descent and the Democratic Party candidate for vice president. Interestingly, the names of Biden and Kamala Harris weren’t heard from Modi even once. In fact, the position taken by the Democratic Party on certain issues strikes the BJP. According to the famous Pakistani newspaper “Don” in 2019, Kamala Harris made this statement: “We must remind the Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world. It may be necessary to intervene if the circumstances so require. During this election campaign, the Democratic Party released a campaign document titled “ Agenda for American Muslim Communities ”, including excerpts such as the implementation of the National Registry of Assam citizens by the Indian government and the enactment of the citizenship amendment law Biden is thwarted by the stages. These stages do not coincide with the country’s long tradition of secular, multi-ethnic and multi-religious democracy ”.

Biden and Trump: last round (AFP)

Obviously, the BJP’s approach is to ignore Biden. Biden and Kamala Harris also believe Trump’s economic measures against China are much more aggressive. But Modi supports Trump’s policy of keeping America with him against China. This is why, on October 27, just a week before the US election, India was so quick to sign the “Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement” with the United States. It is natural for India to fear that if Biden wins the election, he will take a somewhat softer stance on China. But the question is whether a big country like India has become so weak today that it cannot solve the problems with its neighbor! Why does he need American crutches? As a sovereign country, India should have kept the same distance from both sides in the US elections.

This US election is taking place in the midst of the Corona epidemic. More than 2 lakh people have died in the United States from Corona. Most Americans believe this is the result of Trump’s negligence. In the first debate with Biden, no one believed when Trump said, “ we are going to fight hard. ” The effects of this epidemic on children’s education, youth employment and the living conditions of the marginalized will also be visible in this election. The “ Black Lives Matter ” movement has pushed not only black people, but also people of all classes and races to oppose Trump. On some statements from Kamala Harris and Biden, Trump said at a Florida election rally that “ Kamala is a socialist. ”

Kamala Harris laughed at reporters’ question. It is true that the presence of Bernie Sanders within the Democratic Party has strengthened the socialist camp. Initially, Bernie Sanders was the only one arguing over the Democratic Party but failed to secure his nomination. Nonetheless, representatives of this camp are present in the United States Senate, state legislatures, municipal corporations and state-level administrative departments and can play a decisive role in this election. To the satisfaction of this camp, Biden has adopted much of Bernie Sanders’ “democratic socialist” agenda. But it should not be interpreted that this party will achieve socialist objectives. It is noteworthy that the Republican Party in America or the Democrats, but business always wins. This is why Wall Street spends billions of dollars on every election.

What will Trump do
This is probably the first time that there is also a suspicion that Trump will not accept the election results if he loses the election. They may try to create an atmosphere of chaos in the country by pretending to count the votes cast in the mail. This is why Obama, during his party video conference, called on Democrats to rally behind Biden and Kamala Harris, protect the US Constitution and save democracy. He said, “This president (Trump) doesn’t believe in all of this.” It is strange that there is no independent electoral commission in the most powerful democracy in the world like America. Everything is left to the States. They declare their results and on the basis of these, the presidential candidates claim their victory. Because of this, what are the survey capture trends, exit polls are also proving wrong here.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the author

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