2020 US President Election Result: US President Election: Trump will not lose even if the Bush-Clinton results pose a great danger to Biden – a post-primary asset considered even more dangerous

Chidanand Rajagatta, Washington State
US President Donald Trump remains fully confident in his re-election. Despite Biden’s closeness to the majority, he uses all means to keep him away from the White House. The significance of the victory to Trump can be measured from his recent tweet in which he said that if he loses to Biden, he will leave America and move elsewhere.

His “ commitment ” is generally interpreted as the fact that Trump is too confident in his victory. Critics of Trump began to advise him to move to the same Nigeria, for which Trump tweeted on election day that his supporters here were singing the Trump2020 song.

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Win or lose Donald Trump, stay in America
However, putting all of these things aside, it’s clear that whether Donald Trump wins or loses, he’s not going anywhere. Even if Trump loses, in 2020 he is in better shape than in 2016 and his base has grown. Even if Biden wins, Trump will remain the most influential polarizing leader in American history so far. It would be perfectly correct to say that America would not have seen another trump card before that.

Trump is not like Bush-Clinton, will be dangerous if he is relieved of his responsibilities
Usually, the president who ends two terms or loses as a candidate during the presidency, walks away from active politics and writes his autobiography. Examples are Clinton, Bush, Obama. However, that will not happen with Trump. In contrast, the Democratic corridors have already begun to worry about the embodiment of the post-presidential trump card (the post-presidential trump card).

‘Trump will kick in when Biden becomes president’
A Democratic activist said: “If Biden wins and becomes president in January, let’s assume the Trump rallies start soon after.” He said that if the White House and the House of Representatives are in Democrats’ hands, Trump will be empowered by Senate management of Republicans.

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If we lose, Trump will start preparations for 2024
Many political experts also predict that after the defeat Trump will prepare for the 2024 election. Trump will be 78 in 2024, Biden will be the same age until he becomes president in January. With this, Trump can assign his children, and in particular Ivanka Trump, important responsibilities in the 2024 election.

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