2021 Apocalyptic Clock Update: 2021 Apocalyptic Clock: Ticking … Why is the Apocalyptic Clock Stuck at 100 Seconds – 2021 Apocalyptic Clock The world is 100 seconds at midnight and Earth on the edge of the disaster

In 2021, humanity is once again just 100 seconds from the Holocaust. World-renowned nuclear scientists have given this serious warning in their latest newsletter. These scientists have told through Domesday (Holocaust clock) clocks since 1947 how far the world is from the great catastrophe. Nuclear scientist Rachel Bronson said in the Bulletin that our collective understanding says this is a very dangerous time and many great dangers are involved. The Holocaust clock always stays 100 seconds from midnight. Last year, too, this watch was so far. Reaching midnight means the world will be devastated. Let us know why this clock stays so close to the Holocaust …

“ The race to build nuclear weapons around the world is intensifying ”

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists states that humanity is still grappling with the Corona virus epidemic and the Corona epidemic is widespread throughout the world. In 2020 itself, 1.7 million people died from the Corona virus and at least 70 million people were infected. Nuclear scientists said the epidemic has revealed how far from prepared we are and that various countries and international systems are reluctant to properly handle global emergencies. He said that even in this real crisis, governments lost their responsibility and ignored the advice of scientists. Did not cooperate with each other and did not protect the health of citizens. Not only that, competition for the manufacture of nuclear weapons around the world has intensified. At the same time, there is a danger of climate change.

This is how the level of danger the world faces

So has the world come close to the danger of nuclear war? What is the greatest threat to humanity? If the world’s nuclear scientists agree, then there is a lot of apprehension about it. In fact, there are less than 100 seconds left on the end of the world clock at midnight. In this hour, the less time in the middle of the night, the greater the danger of nuclear war in the world. This watch, which has been running since 1947, warned of the danger of a growing war in the world. This assessment of “Doomsday Clock” has been measured by combat weapons, subversive technology, fake video, audio, attempts to increase military strength in space, and a growing race for hypersonic weapons.

The time to approach the Holocaust has arrived in 2018-19

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS), in its bulletin published in 2020, took a closer look at the holocaust’s apprehension around the world. One scientist had said, “We can see how close the catastrophe is to the world. The moment of destruction is no longer a matter of minutes and hours, but has reached almost a few seconds. The Doomsday clock was then decided by a group of experts, including 13 Nobel Prize-winning scientists. Initially, this clock was set for the first time 7 minutes before midnight. The last time we broached the Holocaust was in 2018-19 and 1953, when it took place 2 minutes before midnight. After the Cold War ended in 1991, it lasted 17 minutes before midnight.

Know what is the doomsday clock or doomsday clock

The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic watch that predicts a global catastrophe caused by human activities. The clock from midnight to 12 o’clock is considered a sign of strong destruction. After the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, this clock was created by scientists to warn the world of man-made dangers. At this hour, 12 o’clock in the middle of the night means that the end of the world is very near, or that the possibility of a nuclear attack in the world is 100%. Another nuclear scientist, Jerry Brown, said: “The dangerous race between the superpower has increased the possibility of a major nuclear error in the world. Climate change has increased this competition. Now is the time for the world to wake up.

The situation in the world is dangerous because of these three things

The report says the world is in the nuclear age. Leaders have weakened many treaties preventing the arms race in recent years. This has led to a surge of nuclear weapons around the world. There is uncertainty over the nuclear arms race of North Korea and Iran. If there is a fault somewhere, the Holocaust is settled. People’s awareness of climate change has increased. In 2019, there were mass protests by young people from all over the world. But there have been very few attempts at climate change from countries around the world. This is when in the past the world was hot due to climate change caused by humans. There is a big fire in the forests and the glaciers have passed quickly. The fear of war around the world has increased due to misleading information. Trusting this information by various countries also increases the risk of nuclear weapons and climate change. Over the past year, many governments have even carried out deceptive cyber news campaigns. Their aim was to spread mistrust among other countries. For this reason, peace is threatened.

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