2021, the best year for investing and doing business in the telecommunications sector

2021, the best year for investing and doing business in the telecommunications sector

Focus on meetings, teleworking, webinar … The current coronavirus crisis has changed our way of life, accelerating digital transformation and thus generating a great opportunity for telecommunications engineers to invest and undertake in this sector.

However, it is quite common that businessmen and entrepreneurs do not have enough knowledge or experience to know how to start a business: neither universities nor schools give them the training they need, nor the big ones. companies with start-up incubator projects do offer opportunities aimed at this sector.

Actions to promote the culture of entrepreneurship

Under these conditions, the Madrid delegation of the Spanish Association of Telecommunications Engineers will organize, on January 27, a webinar as part of the Covid-19-Madrid21 cycle, with the aim of promoting the participation of telecommunications in the activities of entrepreneurship. and encourage universities and business schools to train them in the culture of entrepreneurship.

A good example of entrepreneurship is an attitude more than necessary in these times is the bet already made by certain institutions, with shuttle projects, to mobilize funding from new generation European funds, among others, for the development of entrepreneurship. and startups as essential engines of innovation and the creation of skilled jobs.

With these objectives in mind, AEIT Madrid will organize a webinar via YouTube which will be moderated by Juan Gascn, AEIT Madrid promoter of the “Covid19-Madrid21” webinar cycle, and in which they will participate with: Jaime Guillot, General Partner Spain & Portugal of DEMIUM; Carlos Romero Madrid, Manager of Aerospace Cluster; and Jose A. Portilla Director and Professor of the Higher Polytechnic School of the UAH, to give visibility to entrepreneurship as a professional outlet for telecoms and promote culture in entrepreneurship in educational institutions.

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