2021 training plan for rural technicians

With the promotion of training, the ministry seeks to promote social and economic balance between cities and rural areas, which in Spain represents about 84% of the national territory and represents more than 16% of the population. To facilitate access to training in rural areas, the ministry is developing courses that integrate specific aspects of interest to young people, the needs in terms of innovation and digitization, and give visibility to the work role of women. rural.

2021 training plan

The 39 training actions included in this plan are aimed at groups involved in the processes of change and development of the rural environment, such as the generational renewal of young people, the visibility of the role of women, the promotion of new technologies and the innovation, advice, sustainability and conservation of resources.

The courses – face-to-face or in digital format – aim to train technicians working in different rural areas, such as technicians from different administrations, networks and local action groups, professional agricultural organizations, cooperatives and associations in rural areas. , local employment and development officers, and university graduates who work in the advisory system for potential beneficiaries of aid from the common agricultural policy (CAP) in land and agricultural management.

This year, the training program has as basic priorities the generation and transfer of knowledge, innovation in agriculture, profitability and sustainability of farms, specialization in the design and management of irrigation and support for young women and new entrepreneurs. , as well as animal health and welfare, the implementation of new technologies and the CAP National Strategic Plan 2023-2027, among others.

The courses and conferences of the Plan 2021 given online will have a specific web-based training platform, while the face-to-face courses will be given in suitable premises of the MAPA. Depending on the health situation, some face-to-face courses can be organized online or the date can be changed. The “Calendar and registration requests for the 2021 training plan” will be updated monthly on the MAPA web portal.

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