“ 21 days of positive attitudes ”

The book to train the mind to think positively: “ 21 days of positive attitudes ”

Leading vocational training company MRC International People Training is launching “21 Days of Positive Attitudes,” a manual for learning to train the mind to think positively.

“Because optimism is like one more muscle that can be trained and should be exercised on a daily basis,” says Manuel Tallada, president of MRC International People Training.

This guide is designed to help you learn how to deal with negativity, turn it into positivity, and change your outlook. The aim is to help readers create healthy and lasting habits over time, serve as motivation and make adversities derived from the pandemic more bearable.

It is about consciously exercising our thoughts, behaviors or emotions with specific exercises and activities. Something fundamental since the quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts. If we let our thoughts ruminate in our head in an uncontrolled and continuous manner, it can cause high levels of anxiety and depression.

The importance of training our minds after a particularly difficult year

The situation we are experiencing due to COVID-19 is affecting us negatively. We have many worries and uncertainties that haunt us, so it’s normal to feel sad, frustrated, or worried. The problem is, if this situation is not handled properly, it can cause harmful damage to our brain. According to Tallada, “If the cerebral amygdala is continually overactive, it causes sustained excessive fear which can lead to the onset of certain psychopathologies, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression or others. psychological disorders ”. Uncertainty is one of the situations that puts our brain more in “survival mode”, to a large extent negating the ability to think rationally and placing our decisions at the service of our emotions.

To avoid reaching these extremes, the group of professionals of MRC International people training, designed this specific training, now summarized in the form of a book and accessible to all, “so that our brain works differently, by deactivating this emergency button on our frontal lobe, at least for controlled periods of time ”. MRC was one of the first companies to launch a mental gym to train the ‘muscles’ of the brain with the launch of Brain Training Gym, “so we have extensive experience in cognitive intelligence besides working on intelligence. emotional ”, its president Manuel Tallada condemned.

21 Day of Positive Attitudes – The book assumes that it takes at least 21 days to acquire a new habit and that thoughts should also be trained daily. “Today more than ever, it is time to learn from what has been lived and to renew the illusions”, they promote from the MRC team because “life does not wait for the storm to pass but to learn to dance in the rain ”.

21 Days of Positive Attitudes is designed as a workbook “that stems from the need to remind the world that when adversity strikes, the attitude it faces has a direct influence on how we survive and the size of the scars. that we are facing. they will leave us, ”says Manel Reyes, writer and managing partner of MRC.

In addition, it includes an interactive section with audiovisual content downloadable by codes. “These trainings will help you control the instinct for negativity and focus more on the positive around you,” says Tallada.

The team of psychologists and professionals who created this guide emphasizes that when we focus on positive augmentation, energy, productivity and creativity, you are more resilient, positively influence your environment, stress less and do less. of errors.

The book begins by offering readers “to go on vacation several times a day”, take a break from traveling and arrive with your imagination where you want. Therefore, the chapters with multiple challenges and lessons follow one another to illustrate how to control the mind without it dominating us.

The story of this book

This practical guide was the result of a collective training team for the people of MRC International. “Due to the alarm state, we were forced to suddenly stop the activity and we created for our friends, family and clients a spontaneous initiative related to what we do best: inspiring an attitude. positive, which gave us the reputation that today we have it and it is in our DNA ”summarizes Tallada.

While in confinement together, they trained concepts such as imagination, patience, resilience, and managing frustration. After the great welcome of the initiative, they compiled the idea of ​​putting it in book form in order to reach more people who could be of use to them, especially in these times marked by the pandemic.

Solidarity book

21% of the profits generated by the sale of the book will go to solidarity projects of the Aladina Foundation, in its fight against cancer, and to the Acomarse product bank. “These gestures of solidarity are those which contribute to reducing poverty and so that one day it will cease to exist. It is a motivation to improve the dignity and the quality of life of many people who suffer”, declares Leticia Lpez -Cotelo, director of Acomarse.

In the book 21 Days of Positive Attitudes, “the importance of sharing and generating random acts of kindness as a means of contributing to society without expecting change is precisely reiterated,” said Manuel Tallada.

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