21 reasons to be optimistic in 2021


21 reasons to be optimistic in 2021

BY RRHH Digital, 15:26 – 30 December 2020

With 2020 about to end and tired of hearing the same type of message over and over again, now is a good time to put all the negative that we have been through this year behind us. We know that we are in crisis, but we also know that digitization has definitely been promoted, a world yet to be discovered and which holds great opportunities. For this reason, and to start 2021 on the right foot, IEBS Business School, the first digital business school for online training, presents 21 reasons to face this new year in a positive way.

There is hope to emerge from the crisis and a great opportunity in the digital world. It is estimated that 4 digital jobs will be created for 5 non-digital jobs. The average salary of digital and tech professionals will increase by 30% over the next 10 years. 40% of European GDP will be digital in 2021. More than 80% of professionals see their future work with great positivity. There has been a great expansion of remote working. From teleworking of only 4.8% of people employed in 2019 to 34% in 2020. The rise of hybrid offices allows you to work where and how you want. Jobs have become more flexible and work-family balance has greatly improved. The deployment of technology will not slow down and keep pace in areas such as cloud, big data, and e-commerce. Some areas such as artificial intelligence and the development of robotics will be accelerated. 34% of companies will hire new employees to integrate technology that automates lower value work. Be a good opportunity for digital service entrepreneurs as they increase the use of external consultants for specialized jobs. By 2025, around 97 million new roles will emerge that are better suited to working between humans, machines, and algorithms. 66% of employers say they invest in well-trained digital professionals and technologists. Not only will more jobs be created, but they will be of better quality. We want to keep growing. Personal development courses among workers increased by 88%. The number of people seeking e-learning opportunities on their own has quadrupled. We appreciate the little things more and more. We are more united and stronger than ever. The pandemic has generally brought us closer to our own. The vaccine against Covid-19 will be in our hands and the health situation and the economic crisis will improve.

“The world has changed and, in one way or another, we have all changed with it. The world continues to turn, we know that everything will continue to change and we must prepare for it ”, explains Oscar Fuente, director and founder of IEBS. “However, this step must be viewed positively. Without a doubt, 2021 awaits us full of opportunities to continue to grow and improve, both personally and professionally, ”he adds.

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