24 confirmed cases and 40 under investigation

Posted: Friday June 25 2021 1:34 PM

Another end-of-year trip by second-year high school students from different educational centers in the province of Barcelona to the island of Menorca has sparked another massive outbreak of COVID-19. This was underlined by the Ministry of Health, which indicated that this macro-epidemic is under epidemiological investigation, which occurred on the island of Menorca between June 12 and 18 and where there is already 24 positive cases confirmed and 40 others under study. .

According to the agency, the centers have no connection with the organization of the trips and, therefore, “the name will not be disclosed”. On the contrary, these trips were orchestrated by the same students outside the centers, creating discussion groups and contacting different travel agencies specializing in this kind of event. Santé reiterates the call to the entire population to act responsibly and to respect the epidemiological control measures in force.

In principle, this episode has no apparent connection with the one that occurred on the island of Mallorca and which, at present, does not affect anyone residing in Catalonia. This macro-epidemic already has more than 400 positives and already affects six autonomous communities: Madrid, Galicia, Euskadi, Valencian Community, Region of Murcia and Aragon. This event could have its origin in two different parts of Mallorca.

On the one hand, its possible origin is located in Pere Maimó Street, located in the town of S’Arenal de Llucmajor. It is a very narrow road, barely ten meters long, in which the Police admit having authorized the manufacture of bottles to prevent them from scattering at different points. There, hundreds of young people crowded into this area without respecting the safety distance or wearing a mask. Officers allowed celebrations in this area for two or three days, but when they saw that the islanders had moved here as well, they kicked her out.

On the other hand, it is believed that the other key point that triggered the contagions was the evicted concert in the arenas of Mallorca. Although initially in this event the security measures were going to be respected – all the participants had to be seated and wear the mask in a mandatory way – the imposed measures were not respected, and the show had to be expelled by the authorities.

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