24 members of the Latin group Dominican Don’t Play arrested in Zaragoza, including eight minors

Posted: Saturday May 29 2021 12:18 PM

National police officers arrested 24 members of the Dominican Don’t Play association in Zaragoza, including eight minors.

The adult gang members recruited young people between the ages of 14 and 17, who they entrusted with the commission of criminal property offenses and the sale of drugs to fund the organization.

The Superior Prefecture of Police of Aragon explained in a press release that the new members were forced to carry out certain tests and were introduced to fights and fights against members of rival gangs.

In November 2014, 15 members of the aforementioned Latino gang were arrested for belonging to a criminal organization, with several of those arrested in 2018 having been convicted of an offense of unlawful association. These arrests led to the temporary beheading of the organization.

Despite the serious blow this operation caused to the gang, it did not go away. The agents detected a gradual reactivation of the same, carried out by members who remained in the second rank and by new incorporations.

In September 2020, thanks to this investigative work, the police were able to identify the leaders and most of the active members of this criminal organization.

The first phase of the operation took place on March 2, when a police device was developed in four houses in Zaragoza, where 15 people were arrested and another, who was already in prison serving a sentence, was charged with belonging to a criminal group.

In addition, four searches were carried out, during which the agents seized 1,500 euros in cash, 50 ecstasy pills, 33 grams of marijuana, 12 grams of cocaine, 96 grams of hashish, various effects for drug trafficking, 3 projectiles of 9 millimeters and a large machete.

On May 5, the second phase of the operation began, where eight minors were arrested as allegedly responsible for belonging to the Dominican criminal organization Don’t Play, sending the police report to the juvenile prosecutor’s office. Two of those arrested were already being held in the Zaragoza juvenile center for crimes committed previously.

Although the operation is over, police surveillance and subsequent investigations are continued to eradicate Latino gangs in society.

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