“3 out of 4 employees declare their commitment to the companies for which they work and identify the objective of the company

Enrique Snchez, President of Adecco Espaa and Regional Manager for Southern Europe: “3 out of 4 employees say they are committed to the companies in which they work and identify the company’s raison d’être.

Enrique Snchez, President of Adecco Espaa and regional manager for Southern Europe, participated in the first international congress of administrators on digital organized by the Association for People Management (APD). This event focused on the motto “The company with a purpose. From shareholder value to value for society ”and the debate focused on the long-term impact of companies and how they can contribute to creating value for their stakeholders and improving and environmental sustainability. The Congress, which began on November 24 and will last until today, will bring together more than 3,500 leaders from six countries and will have the participation of more than 100 speakers.

On this second day, the block “Promoting talents in the company with a goal”, had the participation of Enrique Sánchez, who analyzed the present and the immediate future of the economic situation, the effect of the crisis health in the labor market, and championed the need to continue supporting businesses and individuals.

Sanchez describes his vision for the company with a purpose, explaining that “companies, now more than ever, must try to discover these opportunities and support each other in our goal. This is the reason that pushes us to continue to exist, to grow and to evolve. Companies not only seek economic profitability, but rather seek, through their economic model, to have a positive impact on the social and / or environmental level. The purpose is the reason why businesses exist, beyond being profitable ”.

The goal is to shape how the world, or at least a part of it, is better through the very nature of business. The Adecco Group, world leader in human resources management, wishes to contribute to improving the lives of people through access to employment, development, advancement and professional growth. Understanding what the needs of companies and workers are, in order to unite them in this common goal, is the strongest objective of the HR company.

The greatest aspiration of the Adecco group is to achieve a situation of full employment, being the reference partner of the Spanish economic fabric. To achieve this goal, consensus and agreement are needed between those who have the obligation to make decisions: social agents, government, companies, workers’ representatives, etc.

75% of employees declare their commitment to the companies in which they work and identify the purpose of the company. In addition, your personal connection to this goal is your main source of inspiration and motivation. Young people, those born after 1980, millennials and beyond ten years from now will lead 80% of the global workforce. In the words of Enrique Sánchez, “young people need to relate their purpose to the jobs they hold, otherwise they look elsewhere. This generation does not separate personal and professional life, it is the same sphere, their job is part of their life and they need to be in companies that improve the world ”.

For the manager of Adecco, the objective “is a question of leadership and style, how managers approach their responsibility towards the teams. A manager is not only in charge of market shares, he is also in charge of a group of people that he must care for, develop and that he must try to involve in a common cause. We must make our employees feel that they are in charge of a key function, and that we need them, we must be concerned about their expectations, help them to grow ”.

Then, the head of Adecco underlined that “we are a company which generates jobs, more than 100,000 jobs per year, many of which are part of disadvantaged groups like young people, looking for their first job, like people. at risk. exclusion, not only from work but also from society. More than 6,000 people in difficult circumstances have found work. And not only do we have this objective, but we also seek to bring to society other values ​​that transcend work, such as training (each year, we train more than 60,000 people) ”.

On the current situation, the president of Adecco for Southern Europe was frank: “we have the opportunity to improve the economy and employment and to get out of this situation that we had to live through but to that they must leave us and create a favorable scenario for it “.

Finally, Sánchez commented on his opinion on the impact of technology on employment. For Sánchez “technology and technological transformation is a one-way race and it is inevitable. What makes the difference are the people, their skills, their motivations, their attitudes and their determination to be different. Leadership and the way these people function in these organizations and how they use technology is what makes the difference ”.

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