30% of Spanish employees plan to change jobs in the next twelve months due to the pandemic

30% of Spanish employees plan to change jobs in the next twelve months due to the pandemic

The two main reasons given are to aspire to receive a higher salary (45%), as well as to maintain a better work-life balance (40%)

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 10 March 2021

Despite the uncertainty of the job market, people still have their ambitions. Although one in two Spaniards surveyed by Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company, prefers to keep their current job (50%), many employees are considering reconfiguring their work schedules to better suit their personal lives. During detention and teleworking, they had more time to reflect on the future development of their professional careers, as well as to update their knowledge or carry out new learning.

Regardless of the direction chosen, the greatest motivation of Spanish respondents to consider a new job is to obtain a better salary (45%). Creating a better work-life balance is the second most common reason (40%). The pandemic has revealed the satisfaction of spending more time at home with family, as well as being able to pursue personal interests and hobbies. Employees may want to keep this opportunity open.

After salary and personal comfort, engaging in a job that allows them to enjoy more is the third reason given (39%), before reducing stress or workload (32%) or playing a more role. important and more significant (28%). The events of 2020 may have allowed employees to rethink their current job, realize the value of their time, and rethink what they want to spend it on.

The pandemic situation and the reconsideration of workers’ desires and capacities are already shaping a new reality of work. Employees will need to learn to work more flexibly and take responsibility for maintaining a reliable and safe working environment. Those who apply these values ​​will have a competitive advantage in the eyes of employers.

To find out what the future of work will look like and how people will fit into it, Kaspersky suggests playing a new video game: “Own Your Future”. The company shows there what the future of work will look like. Players will discover through their work habits and decisions that will help employees adapt to the new reality.

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