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Publication: Sunday February 28, 2021 1:15 PM

Spain begins the countdown to the arrival of Holy Week. A month before this new holiday which will test the measures to contain the pandemic, the autonomous communities confirm a general drop in the number of infections.

This Saturday, 6,603 new cases of COVID-19 were added with the data provided by the autonomous communities – remember that the Ministry of Health does not publish daily reports on weekends -. This represents a decrease of 3,677 positives from the weekend. Likewise, the deceased falls; If last week 210 deaths were reported, this Saturday they were 173.

Looking at the data for each Autonomous Community this Sunday, you can also see this general drop in infections. In the Balearics, 33 new infections have been reported, regretting five deaths. In La Rioja, active cases have increased from 231 to 211 and two deaths have been reported.

In Cantabria, it is intensive care patients who have decreased, including three less than 24 hours ago. In addition, they have 31 new infections, 24 fewer than this Saturday, and one new death from COVID-19.

A little more in Navarre, where infections have risen to 46 in the last 24 hours. In Catalonia, there is a drop of 1,000 new infections, 960 more reported in the last 24 hours, in addition to 20 deaths.

Infections and deaths are decreasing in Murcia, with 43 positives and nine deaths. The Basque Country has a positivity rate in its tests of 4.1%, having detected 269 new cases of coronavirus.

The Valencian Community adds 335 cases of coronavirus, 201 less than this Saturday. Finally, Galicia reported 208 new infections and seven deaths, representing 5,485 active cases.

February, the second most tragic month of the pandemic

February becomes a tragic month in terms of death tolls. With more than 10,000 deaths, April 2020 alone, when we were at the peak of the pandemic, exceeds the latest death toll from the coronavirus.

The number of infections has been halved, adding more than 370,000 new positives. Looking at it week after week, we see that we have gone from over 166,000 infections in the first week of the month to 35,000 in the last few days.

However, experts warn that loosening restrictions may lead to a further rise in infections, more if possible with the new, more contagious variants of COVID-19. This would mean, once again, the collapse of the hospital.

Now, the factory’s COVID patients are now less than half of those on the first day of February: from nearly 30,000 hospitalized, we have grown to 12,200 by the end of the month. The average occupancy of critical units fell 15 points this month, but there are still six territories that exceed 30% of COVID patients in intensive care, with Madrid above 43%.

Data that has been reflected in the cumulative incidence. We fell below 200 cases for the first time since December 15 and ended the month with almost four times less data than at the start.

The fear, for many experts today, is that the data will lead us to relax measures and experience the peak of a fourth wave at Easter.

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