378 carat brilliant diamond found in this African country, will be surprised to know the price – 378 carat white diamond found in the Karowe mine in Botswana, know its price

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378-carat white diamond found in Botswana mine
The African continent is famous around the world for its diamond, gold and silver mines. In the next few days, such precious things can be found in different countries of this continent, which are valued in the billions. Recently, a famous Canadian mining company discovered a 378 carat white diamond in a mine in Botswana, an African country.

Canadian company withdrew from Botswana mine
This diamond was reportedly discovered on January 15, 2021. It is said to be the 55th diamond over 200 carats found in the Karoway mine in South Lobe, Botswana. The discovery of diamonds at this mine began in 2012. The mine is operated by the Canadian company Lucara Diamond.

2 diamonds over 300 carats found in one month
The company said it was the second diamond over 300 carats this year. Even before that, we discovered another 300 carat diamond. The discovery of this diamond marks our good start to 2021. This extraordinary, high quality 378 carat brilliant diamond is included in the category of very expensive gems. We will continue to increase Botswana’s tremendous diamond potential.

This diamond was so appreciated
Diamond experts have said that the market price of this 378 carat white diamond is over Rs 110 crore. It is believed that when sold, it can be priced much higher. The Karoway mine is one of Botswana’s main diamond producers.

The hardest substance is diamond
Until now, the diamond is considered to be the hardest or the hardest thing in the world. But this is not correct. Until 2009, diamonds were considered the hardest thing in the world. But scientists have discovered two rare minerals harder than diamonds. These two minerals are boron nitride wurtzite and lonsdaleite.

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