453,682 doses were administered in a single day

Posted: Thursday April 8, 2021 7:20 PM

Last Wednesday, Spain broke a new coronavirus vaccination record with a total of 453,682 doses administered in a single day. According to data reported by the Ministry of Health, this is also the day when most of the first doses were given, or 375,063 in total, which means that every day more and more people are committing to the route of immunity against COVID-19.

These data reflect the progress of the mass vaccination campaign in our country driven by the arrival of new shipments of vaccines at the beginning of the week. As reported by health authorities, this quarter is key for vaccination, and today 12,001,515 doses of authorized vaccines have already arrived in Spain. Last Monday, 1.2 million doses of the Pfizer formula arrived, in addition to the million doses of AstraZeneca received in the middle of Easter.

Specifically, in this month of April, Spain will receive 6 million vaccines from the injections that have been approved so far, those of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. In addition, the arrival of vaccines will increase from the second half of April.

In total, since the start of the vaccination process last December, health workers have delivered 9,811,529 doses, of which 81.8% were delivered to the autonomous communities. In addition, three million people have already received the full regimen, both doses, so they are immune to the virus.

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