46% of Americans support Dwayne Johnson’s presidential candidacy: 46% of Americans support Dwayne Johnson to run for president

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Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson can run in the US presidential election, by posting a post on Instagram: 46% of people supported the election before they even expressed their desire to run in the presidential election, Hollywood’s ‘The Rock’ Los Angeles
Fast and Furious actor Dwayne Johnson could run in the next US presidential election. The Hollywood actor, known as “The Rock”, has polled the American public to challenge the presidential election. In which nearly half of the American population supported the candidacy of Dwayne Johnson.

46% of people supported
WWE wrestler-turned-actor Johnson posted on Instagram that at least 46% of Americans would support a presidential candidacy on behalf of Dwayne “ The Rock ” Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson: Fast and furious actor Dwayne Johnson, preparing to run in the US presidential election, said – different people would like …
“Very pleasant.” I don’t think our founding members would ever have thought that someone wearing a six foot four inch fanny pack, bald, tattooed, half black, half skin, drinking tequila would join their club, but if He ever did. will be an honor for me to serve you guys if this happens. ”

Black father
In fact, Johnson’s father was a black man and his mother is a resident of Samo. In addition, it is famous for its style of wearing a bag tied at the waist. This is not the first time that the actor has expressed his desire to run for president. Johnson said in 2017 he was seriously considering submitting a presidential offer.

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