4M Elections | National leaders look to their candidates after Madrid’s most tense campaign

Publication: Sunday, May 2, 2021 10:52 PM

One of the most difficult electoral campaigns the Community of Madrid has known has come to an end. National party leaders rolled up their candidates this Sunday in the last rallies that were held at the start of the day of reflection for the 4M.

The current president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, called for the vote to be able to rule by majority, in a massive act in Puente del Rey in which she insisted on facing the prime minister. “The problem in Madrid is Pedro Sánchez,” said the popular candidate, who repeated one of her most repeated campaign slogans: “Madrid is Spain”.

She was accompanied by the leader of her party, Pablo Casado, who called to “unite the vote” with the PP as “the only effective vaccine against sanchism”. Casado predicted that “Madrid will be the zero kilometer of change in Spain” and claimed that “May 4 will be the beginning of the end of Pedro Sánchez”.

Precisely, el presidente del Gobierno ha acompañado a su candidato, Ángel Gabilondo, en su acto de cierre de campaña en Entrevías, que ha llamado a la movilización electoral el próximo martes para hacer realidad el “sueño” de que “por fin la izquierda gobierne to Madrid”. “It’s not just Madrid, it’s democracy,” Sánchez said.

The socialist candidate also encouraged to go to the polls en masse during his speech. “Si nosotros no vamos a votar, una cosa está clara: ellos se quedan”, ha advertido Gabilondo, that ha vuelto a apelar a “la Convivencia” y “rebajar la tensión”, frente al “odio”, el “temor” y “the threat”.

This, after a few hours before, several Vox supporters booed him in the Puerta del Sol when he left the institutional act on May 2, which several parties accused Ayuso of making electoral use.

For her part, More Madrid candidate Mónica García closed her campaign with a rally on the Moyano track with Íñigo Errejón. An act which, according to the party, took place “with 100% renewable energies”. During his speech, García asserted that “living in Madrid” is “solidarity and empathy”, against Ayuso’s definition.

For his part, United We Can candidate Pablo Iglesias ended his campaign in Vicálvaro, where he was accompanied by Third Vice-President Yolanda Díaz, Minister Irene Montero and Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau. During his speech, Iglesias stressed that “the far right is the main threat to democracy” and called the PP candidate one of the “Trump imitators” who “are nothing more than enemies of democracy, because they do not believe in it. “

For his part, Ciudadanos ended his campaign in the Plaza de la Villa de Madrid, in an act in which Inés Arrimadas and the former Madrid vice-president Ignacio Aguado were present, as well as the vice-mayor of the capital, Begoña. Villacís. . The candidate of the Orange party, Edmundo Bal, called for the vote for a proposal he defended as the “peaceful revolution” of “moderation”.

Finally, Vox held its campaign closing ceremony in the Plaza de Colón, in the presence of some 3,500 people. In addition to the candidate, Rocío Monasterio, the head of the far-right formation, Santiago Abascal, among other members of the far-right formation, participated. The monastery called for preventing the left from entering self-government, in a rally in which it also insisted on its promise to reduce the number of regional councils and deputies.

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