5 strategies to strengthen company culture and job satisfaction

The exceptional situation caused by confinement in its various versions has forced companies to explore ways to implement teleworking in their workforce and, to a greater or lesser extent, the goal has been achieved. Pandemic fatigue, however, is taking its toll after a 10-month health alert. In this situation, creating and nurturing a corporate culture can seem impossible, especially when many aspects of employee job satisfaction lie in working together in the same office.

“Today more than ever, companies must succeed in maintaining the cohesion of their teams”, declares Patricia Gmez, Head of Expansion and Communication at Nexian and, with multiple experiences after the last ten months, the company RH Nexian has selected the “Five strategies to reinvent the corporate culture and strengthen employee professional satisfaction”. These are its main conclusions.

Continuously measure the pulse of the team: Virtual meetings and email have proven to be a perfect tool for keeping people connected. But, over the months, the spontaneous interactions in the office – and the relationships they build – fade and the sense of teaming up diminishes. “In view of this possibility, it is necessary to create feedback mechanisms that keep the group focused and committed to the general objectives of the company” added the head of expansion and communication at Nexian.

Don’t save your feedback for tomorrow: In environments of uncertainty and physical distance, it is extremely gratifying for teams that their managers maintain transparent communication and are able to recognize the work and efforts of their employees. “In the current situation, monitoring, experience feedback and group meetings are essential to achieve commitment, productivity and organizational competitiveness”, believes the Nexian expert.

Reinvent events for employees: companies must generate proximity with their teams. The challenge is to do it from a distance and with the barrier that the screen supposes, but “the truth is that virtual events, if they are well organized and, above all, if they are designed to boost morale or recognize employees, can achieve a warm and festive tone and generate a strong sense of group, ”adds Patricia Gmez.

Trust the benefits of flexibility: Telecommuting has been a challenge, especially for working parents who in many cases have to take on a heavy load of family chores. “Employee retention is one of the company’s keys to weathering uncertain times, so our recommendation – for both large and small businesses – is that they facilitate workforce flexibility. work, so that it is easier to be reconciled and to take charge of the human good, ”he concludes.

Focus on attracting top talent: after impact, companies need to integrate top talent into their projects, and while in recent years the trend has been for candidates to increasingly value telecommuting options, it it will now be essential to provide facilities for this purpose. “A specialized selection of personnel can help attract the best candidates for an environment that is extremely changing and with many challenges to overcome,” says Gmez.

The duration of this situation exhausts people both in their family and professional environment. For this reason, and while it is not possible to eliminate the reasonable fears of many workers about their future employment, it is possible to alleviate them by creating a culture of belonging that involves and improves the expectations of its protagonists. .

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