500,000 digital jobs remained vacant in 2020 due to lack of talent

Schiller International University and ISDI join forces to transform the traditional university and present the “Bachelor of Science in Digital Business” program, the first international university degree that develops the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the world of digital industry.

The global labor market will absorb 150 million new tech jobs over the next five years, according to estimates by the World Economic Forum. Most of them, positions that don’t even exist today. In addition, the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic has shown that the survival of any professional or organization depends on knowing how to adapt to the codes of the digital economy.

Responding to this need, the first international university degree specializing in Business and Digital Economy was born, supported by the union of the formative experience of Schiller International University with its American model focused on the development of student capacities, and leadership in the domain. ISDI’s digital activity and new technologies.

The Diploma in Digital Business is the ideal program for university students who are interested in the new reality of business and who wish to acquire practical knowledge and skills that prepare them in depth for a career in the digital world on an international level.

“Digital transformation is a survival imperative in all industries, which necessarily involves a cultural transformation in the way we work, from the way we integrate technology to the way we communicate and lead our teams,” says Marta Muiz , CEO of Schiller International University. “Being prepared for these new business scenarios, knowing how to apply the technology and having the competitive ability to interact with it is the only thing that guarantees employability in an environment of exponential digitization,” said Nacho de Pinedo, CEO of ISDI.

A unique program

The Schiller International University Digital Business Diploma, powered by ISDI, is a pioneer not only in its content, bringing together all areas of digital business technology, management and operations, but also in the incorporation of methodologies learning with which students acquire the knowledge and skills that organizations demand today, facing challenges such as creating digital solutions for real businesses, managing campaigns with real money, launching student-created e-commerce stores from scratch, as well as internships at leading digital companies …

The program, taught in English, features a unique experiential learning model that enables them to master essential business concepts, embrace a ‘digital first’ mindset, and gain a global perspective while living and while studying at one of Schiller’s four campuses. International University of Europe (Madrid, Paris and Heidelberg) and the United States (Tampa, Florida).

Through this comprehensive educational process, they will gain a 360 ° view of digital commerce, including key areas of digital commerce such as management and technology, in which Schiller International University and ISDI are market leaders. education. The program also has a clear focus on employability because by the end of the degree they will have obtained official certifications in highly demanded tools such as Salesforce, Google or Amazon Web Services.

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