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The month of May may be when we do what we want, but it is also the month when we have to declare our taxes. In recent years France has been divided into 3 zones with different registration dates.

So if you live in the departments of Ain in Corrèze (1st to 19th), you had until May 26th to report your income … For zone 2 (20 to 54) it is June 1st and for Zone 3 the deadline will be June 8th (55-976). But bad news could tarnish your returns a little as a Social Security computer problem wouldn’t have carried over your income for the year …

For ten days now, some taxpayers have received a letter from the health insurance company stating that a malfunction has occurred. These hiccups affect sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, daily accident benefits and disability pensions for 2020.

The newspaper Ouest France, which looks back on this “affair”, declares that this mistake would affect the basic health insurance funds in Brittany, which is more than 500,000 people! However, research is being done to see if other regions are affected.

A simplified, but also “incorrect” statement … Photo credit: Shutterstock / HJBC

If the consequences are not very visible to some, it risks increasing the bill significantly for others! Maternity leave is equivalent to at least two and a half months’ wages! An accident at work can represent a considerable sum … The disability pension is a fixed monthly income!

What if you are in this situation!

If you have not yet declared your taxes and have received payments from the CPAM, check to see if an amount is included in your compensation income. If not, go to your account to download your tax return.

An additional delay for the 500,000 affected. Photo credit: Shutterstock / TeodorLazarev

Does the amount appear or is your disability pension well documented? All you have to do is sign your statement. The amount declared by the CPAM appears below that of your earned income. It is very easy to judge the correctness of the amounts indicated … Specifically, if you received social benefits in 2020 and nothing appears, before signing it, worry. As for the tax service, they give extra time to taxpayers who have received a letter from the CPAM. This period runs until the end of summer!

An annoying mistake, of course, but?

A young 30-year-old woman confided in Ouest France: “Elise, who became a mother in 2020. I received this letter yesterday. At first I thought of a sending error. Then I went to my Ameli account and saw that I had to add € 8,000 to my income! “.

The mistake is human or computer as you like, but it is also up to taxpayers to double-check their declarations. One more question arises! How not to notice that a sum of € 8,000 has not yet appeared on your income. Few services in France are not taxable, it might be enough for everyone to check the tax returns before signing, right?

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