51% consider their company courses boring and not very interactive


Employee dissatisfaction with online training: 51% find their in-company courses boring and not very interactive

Training within organizations is made online, but it still does not meet the expectations of employees according to the Contradictions of Corporate Training 2021 report, published by Gamelearn. The study also indicates that more than 70% of HR professionals. H H. Respondents affirmed that their companies should accelerate the transformation of their face-to-face training in companies towards digital in 2020. More than 70% of the HR professionals consulted affirm that their company should accelerate the transformation of their face-to-face training in digital business in 2020.

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 25 February 2021

Based on responses from 1,500 HR professionals. H H. and collaborators from organizations from different sectors in Spain, Mexico, the United States and France, the pioneering company in the development of video games for corporate training has prepared this report which reflects the tensions and the current meeting points between professionals in charge of generating training plans within companies and their recipients.

More than 70% of HR professionals. H H. Those consulted affirm that their companies have had to accelerate the transformation of their face-to-face in-company training to digital in 2020. In this sense, a similar percentage of these companies plan to increase, or at least maintain, their investment in e-learning in 2021.

However, despite the fact that the digitalization of corporate training exploded last year, it seems that it continues to lack the expected innovation. 51% of employees surveyed by Gamelearn say that their companies’ online courses are boring and not very interactive. In this sense, the HR professionals themselves. H H. They are aware of the need to strengthen the involvement and motivation of workers. Unfortunately, reality still does not reflect this ideal and the predominant formats in virtual training are mainly text documents (61%) and videos (62%). Formats, in short, which remain unidirectional and exclude interaction or the possibility of obtaining immediate feedback.

Contradictions of corporate training 2021 focuses on these existing differences between those responsible for corporate training and their employees; a distancing which is already being felt, but which this report corroborates. However, it also reveals meeting points. HR professionals. H H. demonstrate an awareness of the value of including more attractive and disruptive elements in the in-company training they offer. Like many stakeholders consulted, they think, for example, that the simulation of real situations (52%) or the elements of gamification (36%) could help them to engage more in online training.

The full report prepared by Gamelearn can be downloaded for free today and includes expert opinions from HR managers. H H. on the current context of in-company training. In addition, it reserves one of its chapters for the evaluations that the employees questioned give to the employer brands of large companies belonging to various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, finance or technology.

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