54% of employees plan to take out health insurance after COVID19

Stress at work is no longer a tab: 54% of employees consider purchasing health insurance after COVID19

Stress is one of the causes that most affects people’s mental and physical health and has a direct impact on the value they have in your business. The situation in recent months has had a considerable influence, as citizens have had to deal with an excess of situations that go beyond their own management mechanisms. According to the report “The importance of health for Spanish employees” produced by Cobee, the digital platform that allows flexible and fully automated management of employee and company benefits, 54% of those questioned admitted to having reconsidered the idea hiring health insurance.

This reality has had a direct impact on companies, which have had to adapt their resources to try to cope with this increasingly frequent pathology among their workers; by making a priority beyond the maintenance of the company itself. In addition, teleworking also has an influence and presents itself as a double-edged sword, as it enables reconciliation, savings on expenses like transport and, even, increases productivity but sometimes makes digital disconnection difficult. Added to this is the fact of not having a workspace or the necessary means to work. Work is positioned as the main cause of stress; 90% recognize it.

Working conditions directly influence people’s quality of life, so it makes sense that companies have given importance to these types of issues, even by reformulating their corporate culture and prioritizing well-being. ; either to increase the productivity and proactivity of employees, or to obtain greater loyalty from them. In direct connection with this, companies have tried to improve communication with their employees; 47% agree that internal communication has improved thanks to working remotely. So, it is not surprising that 76% of workers at management level choose to have a lower annual salary if, in return, they receive benefits such as health insurance, psychological attention or a gym. sports online.

Faced with this situation, and responding to the new needs of companies and employees, Cobee offers an optimal solution through its health insurance and other social services. With this, companies, on the one hand, will be able to bet on supporting their workers by providing them with the health care they need entirely online. This will result in the retention of talent and motivation of workers, in addition to improved communication; on the other hand, in the increase in the membership ratios of the workforce to the social benefit plans.

“The main objective of Cobee is to seek the well-being of companies and, therefore, of their employees. Given the current situation, we consider that we must look after their interests by incorporating a greater variety of benefits in order to achieve a state of well-being which results in a return to “normalcy” as soon as possible; entrepreneurs can focus on expanding their businesses, ”emphasizes Borja Aranguren, CEO and co-founder of Cobee.

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