56.7% think Felipe VI should bring up the Juan Carlos I scandals in Christmas Eve speech

Updated: Thursday, December 24, 2020 2:23 PM

Published on: 12/24/2020 13:57

56.7% of Spanish respondents believe that Felipe VI should mention in his speech on Christmas Eve the scandals afflicting his father, King Emeritus Juan Carlos I. And 42.3% believe not. This is what the special LaSexta barometer on the monarchy reveals.

Voters from Unidos Podemos (75.7%), PSOE (66.9%) and Ciudadanos (61.5%) see positively that the current monarch refers to corruption cases in which the emeritus is investigated. However, popular voters (68.2%) and Vox voters (63.1%) do not see fit for Zarzuela to mention it in the monarch’s most personal speech.

By sex, men and women believe in similar percentages that the king should mention these facts, respectively 55.7% and 57.8%. Regarding age, people between 18 and 35 think it will be necessary to talk about it, 56.7%; those between 36 and 54 years old, 56.6%; and those between 55 and 75, 57%.

Two in three Spaniards think the emeritus should come back

He also wonders if the King Emeritus should return to Spain. The stay of emeritus in Saudi Arabia was not well received by the Spaniards and 63.6% of the citizens polled believe that Juan Carlos I should return to Spain. There is a 34.8% who thinks not.

Those who bet the most firmly on their return are those of Vox, with 91.2%, followed by the popular (82.2%) and those of Ciudadanos (74.1%). The most divided are the PSOE (50.7%)) and Unidas Podemos (46.5%).

The king approves, the emeritus suspends

On a scale of 0 to 10, the respondents of the barometer give King Felipe VI a 5.20 and Juan Carlos I. In the survey of April 9, 2018 – already then, information on the finances of the King Emeritus – the king had a 5.5 and the emeritus, a 5, a pass. Felipe VI had the best mark when he was proclaimed king: on June 23, 2014, he obtained a mark of 6.7.

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