56% of Spaniards think there was not enough control against the coronavirus

Updated: Wednesday 09 June 2021 13:03

Published: 06/09/2021 1:01 PM

The number of Spaniards dissatisfied with the control measures applied against the coronavirus is increasing. 55.8% of Spaniards consider that, given the risks of a pandemic, both the government of the nation and the regional executives should have taken more control measures, 19 points more than in the last survey by the Center for Sociological Research ( CIS) where 37% of respondents thought so.

According to the fourth CIS study “Effects and consequences of the coronavirus”, carried out in May, 29.9% of Spaniards believe, on the contrary, that the restrictions adopted are “adequate and necessary” and a residual of 3.6% maintain that it is not necessary to take measures that limit freedoms.

The coincidence is that the pandemic is changing the ways of life, thinking and health care.

This is what 69.2% of the surveyed population thinks, who consider that the epidemic has changed their way of life “a lot” or “a lot”, 49.4% their way of thinking and 52.2% say that ‘it has changed conditioned “a lot or somewhat” the way of taking care of health.

Social relations are one of the aspects where citizens appreciate the changes in their lives the most; this is the opinion of 42.1% but when asked about changes in mentality, 21.4% declared that “they value more what they have, what is important, life, family and health” .

The study reveals that the pandemic has brought positive aspects to healthcare. 33.8% appreciate the hygiene measures (masks, cleaning and ventilation) and 25.2% admit having changed their habits and taking more care of their diet and their sport.

As in other polls, the pandemic in Spain and elsewhere worries 86.8% of the population “a lot or a lot” and it is the economic and work aspects that most affect families in 61.8% compared to the health and health care, which made 32.7% uncomfortable.

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