57.6% of respondents reject a PP-Vox pact, which supports 71.6% of PP voters and nearly 100% of Vox voters

Publication: Wednesday April 28, 2021 13:31

57.6% of voters in the Community of Madrid elections on May 4 evaluate a possible pact between the Popular Party and Vox negatively, against 38.8% who would approve it. This is reflected in data from the laSexta barometer, the results of which also predict a victory for Ayuso, but without reaching an absolute majority.

Regarding the possibility of a PP-Vox deal, support or rejection varies depending on the voters of each party. So while 96.3% of the PSOE electorate is against this possibility, the majority of popular voters are in favor: specifically, 71.6%.

The percentage in the case of the Vox electorate is even higher, as 99.2% would accept a deal between Monasterio and Ayuso for the government of Madrid on May 4. As for the citizens, around a third positively value this pact (28.6%), while the majority of the voters of Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos (87% in the case of the former and up to 100% in that of the UP ) opposed formula.

Ayuso, ahead of Gabilondo in the voting preference

The laSexta barometer also questioned voters on the two most supported candidates in the polls: the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo. And, according to the results, Ayuso has an advantage: 52.6% of those polled prefer the popular as president.

In contrast, Ángel Gabilondo gets 46% support, mostly from the younger population (18-35), while the popular candidate is preferred by those over 36. Likewise, there are differences compared to the March barometer, since in this case Ayuso had an advantage of 57.4%), while Gabilondo had a preference of 39%.

This data, collected by laSexta, is part of one of the polls with the most participation, with 2,400 people polled by InvyMark.

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