611,767 doses administered in one day

Publication: Friday May 14, 2021 9:29 PM

New vaccination record in Spain. During the last day, 611,767 doses were administered, according to the latest daily report from the Ministry of Health on the progress of the vaccination campaign, corresponding to this Friday. A record number of vaccinations, that of this Friday, which comes after several days when the daily vaccination rate seemed to have slowed.

To date, 21,683,707 coronavirus vaccines have been administered in our country. Thus, according to health data, 6,976,683 Spaniards already have the full vaccination schedule (260,527 more than yesterday), while 14.9 million citizens already have at least one dose.

Thus, 31.4% of the population already has at least one dose of the vaccine, while 14.7% have already completed the administration schedule. If calculated on the total population to be vaccinated, these percentages rise to 36.3% with at least one dose and 16.7% with the complete vaccination schedule.

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