63% believe turnover will increase

Entrepreneurs in the ICT services sector are confident at the end of the year: 63% believe that turnover will increase

Entrepreneurs in the ICT service sector are optimistic and 62.5% are convinced that turnover will increase during the rest of the year, improving the average index presented by companies in the EU-27 by 44%.

This is reflected in the new installment of the TIC Monitor report prepared by VASS and the CEPREDE Economic Prediction Center, which shows a notable improvement in climate indicators compared to the previous installment, moving from negative ground to renewed confidence in the short term. term.

“The digital services sector in Spain is developing in a unique way. The framework is certainly not simple. But one of the rare exceptions is the importance of the digital rearmament of society in the recovery strategy. The Digital Europe plan, one of the stars of the new Community financial framework, and its national version, Digital Spain 2025, clearly show the firm commitment in this sector ”, says Antonio Rueda, director of VASS Research and director of ICT Monitor .

This positive perception of the company is also reflected in the expectations of net job creation, which drop from -28.1 points during the previous delivery to +14.3 on a scale of +/- 100.

Unlike these data, which come from surveys carried out during the last month (September), there is the latest data available on the evolution from one year to another (the last 12 months, between July 2019 and July 2020 ). digital services in the ICT sector over this period stood at -14.2%. “It’s a smoother balance sheet than that of the three previous deliveries, fueling the feeling that the worst is over and daring a gradual escalation of what remains of the year. As can be seen in the trend curves, the sector has been an oasis in the middle of the storm that has shaken the billing of service companies, the most shaken by the pandemic, ”explains Rueda.

Despite the fact that the turnover reduces the momentum for hiring specialized talent, the ICT services sector is one of the few not yet entering negative annual rates and which remains one month more than the net destruction of labor jobs, with stable growth over the past 12 months.

While the hiring rate has moderated considerably, the ICT service sector continues to dominate the service sector as a whole, still with 20% more employees than in 2015 (base year of statistics), and thus differentiating from the rest of the tertiary activities.

“It is a clear sign of strength that, despite the decline in turnover, companies have maintained the level of employment, witnessing confidence in a rapid recovery,” says Rueda.

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