63% of employees generated for Black Friday correspond to the Logistics sector

63% of employees generated for Black Friday correspond to the Logistics sector

Randstad, number 1 in human resources in Spain and in the world, has published its recruitment forecasts on the occasion of the arrival of Black Friday, Friday November 27, and Cyber ​​Monday, Monday 30. Some dates that have been It has become in recent years consumer milestones due to its offers and promotions, for which many companies are forced to increase their hiring. In making these forecasts, Randstad took into account the trade and logistics and transport sectors, which were directly linked to the increase in consumption during this period.

Randstad predicts that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will generate around 27,430 new hires in our country, or 5.4% less compared to 2019, when just over 29,000 were signed. 62.8% of these signatures will be produced in the logistics sector, which has significantly increased its importance compared to last year, where the weight was 54.2%. For its part, trade has fallen from 45.8% of all Black Friday contracts in 2019 to just 37.2% today.

Contracts generated during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in Spain

Source: Randstad

Concretely, logistics hires will mean 17,220 companies this year, an increase of 9.5% compared to last year, which mitigated the drop in hiring at that time due to the economic crisis and the market crash. 23.1%. % of employment in the commercial sector, which records 10,210 contracts.

“This new study confirms that the transport and logistics sector is a lifeline in terms of employment. The commitment to e-commerce, a consumer trend that does not seem to have receded, is stimulating job creation in logistics, which is great news in a situation where traditional commerce and hospitality are seriously affected. affected by the consequences of the health crisis, ”says Valentn Bote, director of Randstad Research.

Most communities record falls of less than 6%

Randstad points out that all Autonomous Communities will see drops in their hiring volume for the upcoming Black Friday campaign, although the report highlights notable differences between them: Murcia (-2.9%), Castilla-La Mancha (- 3.2%), Catalonia (-3.8%) and the Valencian Community (-3.9%) will experience the least marked decreases, all less than -3%. They follow them, still above the national average (-5.4%), Euskadi (-4.1%), Asturias (-4.4%), Galicia (-4.7%), Balearic Islands, Community of Madrid (both with -4, 8%) and Cantabria.

Contracts by region and variation

Source: Randstad

In contrast, the most pronounced decreases will occur in Andalusia (-8.6%), Extremadura (-7.9%), Navarre (-7.8%) and Aragn (-7.6%). They are followed, also with decreases above the national average, by the Canaries (-7.4%), La Rioja (-6.6%) and Castilla y Len (-6%).

In absolute terms, Andaluca (4,710), Catalonia (4,540), the Community of Madrid (3,910) and the Valencian Community (3,600) will register the highest volumes, all with more than 3,500 signatures. In fact, the sum of these four autonomous regions represents 61.1% of all contracts signed during the campaign.

By province, Randstad points out that Toledo, with an increase of 4.1%, and Malaga, with an increase of 0.2%, will be the only two to see their volume of hires increase for Black Friday compared to the last year. . In contrast, the most discreet increases will occur in Tarragona (-0.3%), Salamanca (-1.3%), A Corua (-1.8%) and Palencia (-2.1%). On the other hand, the provinces with the strongest contraction drops will be Cdiz (-20.4%), Teruel (-18.6%), Soria (-13.8%), Lugo (-10.7) and Lleida (-10.4%).

Black Friday kicks off the job recovery

Randstadaugurates that the logistics sector will be the main driver of hiring both in the current Black Friday campaign and during the Christmas holidays, to the detriment of commerce and hotels.

In fact, only the transport and logistics sector will represent 44% of the more than 290,000 contracts that will be signed during the Christmas campaign, thus continuing the trend of the current Black Friday campaign.

In this situation, the profiles that logistics companies will demand the most to meet the increase in consumption will be, among others, packers, forklifts, warehouse workers and transporters. In addition, an increase in the needs of professionals in customer service is detected, both for online service and for telephone service. Among the skills and aptitudes most valued, this campaign highlights the field of technological tools related to the sector.

Despite the drop in hiring, professionals will continue to be required for the commerce sector, which will need professionals to bolster their workforce in the face of increasing consumers, such as employees, promoters, hostesses and commercial profiles. , mainly, among which the transaction is valued. close to the client and his communication skills.

Considering the importance of e-commerce in this campaign, applicants will often need to have digital skills and knowledge about certain technology platforms specific to commerce or logistics. Employers also value previous experience for rapid adaptation to a very changing market, which also depends on the restrictions and other vicissitudes caused by the health crisis.

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