68% of Spaniards think that fluency in English is more important today due to telecommuting and the increase in video conferencing

68% of Spaniards think fluency in English is more important today due to telecommuting and the increase in videoconferencing

Telecommuting is now a reality that is here to stay. With its decisive implementation, the skills and needs that the labor market demands of workers are new. Despite this, the Spaniards continue to have an outstanding subject, which is increasingly in demand: English.

This is reflected in the latest survey conducted by ABA English, a Spanish EdTech startup with over 30 million students worldwide, as well as over 2,000 respondents from Spain, Italy and Mexico.

68% of Spanish respondents consider that fluency in English is now more important than ever in the current job market, due to the implementation of teleworking and the increase in videoconferencing.

English, a must in today’s job market

If the current job market is characterized by anything, it is that it is constantly changing, so having professionals capable of responding quickly and effectively to the challenges that companies face is even more important than there are month.

Thus, 1 in 2 Spaniards (51%) admit having difficulty finding a job or improving their professional situation because of their level of English.

For this reason, learning this language remains essential for Spaniards, who admit having tried to improve their level of English to access better job opportunities in the current context of crisis (63%). Among them, 18% do it to find work, 35% to improve their current position and 10% to keep it.

However, it is not only those looking for new professional challenges who admit to being trained in this language, since 4 in 10 Spaniards surveyed claim to learn English to improve their current professional situation.

Thus, online courses to learn English are positioned as the preferred option of Spaniards (62%), followed by conversations with foreigners (41%), mobile applications (36%) or face-to-face lessons. (16%), among others.

“For months, we have seen an increase in our users’ interest in practice-oriented content or improving English for the job market,” said Marc Vicente, CEO of ABA English. “For this reason, we have launched various initiatives that help promote these skills, such as Career Month, a series of free master classes for all users, in which will be addressed exclusively topics related to business English.”

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