7 tips to protect your business from cyber attacks


Watch out for vacation or telecommuting from the beach: 7 tips to protect your business from cyberattacks

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – July 14, 2021

The Spanish proverb says that “When the cat is not there, the mice dance”. Its meaning refers to the fact that when the authority of a community is not there, others relax the fulfillment of their obligations or responsibilities. But this also applies, in general, to the risk we may face when we let our guard down at any given time. What if the cat comes back early and finds us totally exposed, without any protection? The repercussions can be very painful. This is what can happen in our business if we go on vacation without applying some basic cybersecurity measures designed to prevent the “bad guys” from taking advantage of our absence to try and play a prank on us.

Even, it is more and more frequent that both the bosses and the employees who have the possibility of teleworking, advance their displacement to their second home or any vacation destination before starting their vacation, in order to take advantage of the privilege of working from home. to be on the beach, in the mountains. , the city or the mountains after their day’s work is over. So the summer seems to be getting longer and the holidays are spreading us out more. But also in these environments it is important to maintain certain guidelines that ensure that the pleasure of working from the garden or the terrace while the sea breeze caresses us does not turn into a headache due to the damage caused by a cybercriminal.

From Watch & Act Protection Services, they leave us these seven recommendations to take into account to ensure the security of our business and enjoy a summer without surprises:

MAKE BACKUP COPIES. Before closing for the holidays, remember to make a backup copy of all your devices: computers, tablets, smartphones … whatever the medium on which you use or store company information. When we are away from home, we use mobile devices more, which increases the incidents of which they are the protagonists during this period. Ideally, this backup copy is stored on an external server, from where you can retrieve it if you need to. ALL PUBLIC PLACES FOR CHARGING MOBILES AND TABLETS ARE NOT SRS. Watch & Act advises against using the charging stations via the USB ports found in tourist areas, as not all of them have the necessary security tools and can become entry points for malicious software. take over your passwords and sensitive data. AVOID CONNECTING TO OPEN AND FREE PUBLIC NETWORKS. Likewise, open Wi-Fi networks don’t always have cybercrime protection systems, and they’re one of the most accessible sources of data theft. In order to be able to connect to one of these Wi-Fi networks with complete peace of mind, it is advisable to have a virtual private network (VPN) that protects access to your information. CHECK YOUR PASSWORDS. You have heard many times before that it is not advisable to always use the same password. Summer can be a good time to change them, taking advantage of the use of stronger ones, which include upper and lower case letters, letters and numbers, and special characters. NO ONE GIVES ANYTHING: DO NOT ATTEND ADDITIONAL REQUESTS. There are many types of fraud in which criminals take advantage of people’s trust to obtain money or confidential information to enable them to commit a subsequent crime. Ignore messages in which you receive offers and great deals, or raffles that you have won, or notices of withdrawal of packages that you have not requested. Surely there is someone behind with good intentions. BE ALERT FOR ANYTHING YOU CONSIDER SUSPICIOUS. In summer, you have more time to consult your personal mail, in which you receive things of all kinds and from all origins. Fraud attempts by pretending to be banks, insurers, service providers, etc. multiply enormously. Beware of anything that makes you suspicious and if in doubt, don’t open it, open it straight away. DO NOT GIVE TRACKS OF YOUR HOLIDAY PLACE UNTIL YOUR RETURN Today, social networks invite you to share everything: where we are, what we do … Avoid commenting and posting photos while you are away , you can make arrangements for them to steal your business or your house in your absence. You can share it safely when you return.

Summer offers us a necessary and indispensable disconnection for our body and our mind, the recharging of the batteries which allows us to continue to give it all the rest of the year. But “the bad guys” are not closing for the holidays. Let’s enjoy without lowering our guard. And if unfortunately your business is the target of a cyber attack, remember that having cyber risk insurance is essential to minimize the negative impact it can cause on your business.

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