70% of businesses in Spain have been digitized during the pandemic

In these times of health and economic crisis, there were cases of local shops or small businesses that took the opportunity to manage their marketing digitally and thus be able to continue their activity. In an environment where physical interaction was reduced for an extended period, digital channels were more important than ever: Internet consumption and online shopping increased.

Faced with this situation, many SMEs have opted for digital marketing strategies that would allow them to reach their customers through these new channels, despite the mobility restrictions related to health measures. 7 out of 10 businesses in Spain have been digitized in response to pandemic, Salesforce report finds; and digital marketing spending relative to total company budgets increased during the pandemic, increasing 12.6% of company budgets on average from May, the highest recorded in the report (up from 11 , 3% in February), according to The CMO Survey.

NeoAttack, which has more than 6 years of experience in global business consulting, confirms the trend: “many companies have taken the opportunity to improve their content, their positioning on search engines, as well as create online stores or optimize web loading time, in order to prepare to face new challenges and opportunities after the coronavirus pandemic “, explains Jess Madurga, founder of the agency.” In addition, digital campaigns have a good cost Less and can achieve good results even on a reduced budget. Online marketing also allows companies to know their customers better, in order to create more relevant content, adapted to their current needs, and improve personalization of your advertising.

Digital advertising, social advertising and SEO, the main trends

Investments in digital advertising have also reached a new record in Spain. The diversification of formats, payment methods, and audience segmentation options have made it a solid option full of possibilities for businesses, especially those that need immediate results: on the internet you only charge when you get the desired result. you want and you can know exactly how many people saw an ad, how many clicks and how many sales were made that way. Indeed, advertising on search engines (mainly Google) has already absorbed 40% of advertising budgets in the digital sphere nationwide, which will reach 2,500 million euros in total this year. And according to IAB and PwC forecasts, investment in search engines will reach 1,042 million euros this year. It will be 20 million euros more than in 2019. And it is that users spent more time on the Internet during quarantine, which meant more sales on these channels, breaking records. This year, technology could become the first medium for advertising revenue received, ahead of Mediaset (981 million euros in 2019) and Atresmedia (1,039 million euros).

Social media advertising was also one of the most used by brands during the lockdown period: users were encouraged to shop through social media, since they also spent more time there, which allows for the use of different formats and offers excellent segmentation. This tool stands out for its ease of use, low cost and excellent results. In addition, you have different options for communication and distribution.

Another tool to consider is SEO: occupying a good place in search results is essential to attracting more and more customers due to containment derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips for getting the most out of a digital marketing campaign

“Even if your business activity has stopped or slowed down, your brand hasn’t,” says Madurga. “In Spain, 7 out of 10 users say their Internet consumption has increased significantly, according to data from the Kantar Covid-19 barometer. This is the perfect opportunity to get closer to them and offer them, through your channels, content that gives them added value and encourages them to engage with your brand. “

Another factor to consider is that more users than ever are browsing the web for content and entertainment. Thus, a wide range of possibilities has been created in terms of content: infographics, how-to videos, blog content of a more generic nature, digital events or webinars, among others.

Customer service should also be a priority right now: put a special effort into contact lines and if you haven’t already, open a business profile on WhatsApp Business. Now is the time to take care of your best customers and work to support them.

It is also recommended, if you offer different services or products, to use Google Analytics or Search Console to detect which pages or which elements perform more favorable results, both in sessions and in transactions, in the case of an e -Trade. Then give them more visibility in the site hierarchy, for example at home, and adapt the content plan accordingly.

“There is no doubt that digitization has brought about a structural and cultural change in businesses, especially in SMEs,” concludes Madurga. “If a good strategy is put forward in the face of adversity and public trust is earned, businesses can be strengthened after a crisis.”

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