70% of those over 80 will be vaccinated with both doses today

Publication: Thursday, April 22, 2021 10:56

Spain is moving towards total vaccination of the elderly, one of the priorities of the vaccination campaign due to its situation of vulnerability to COVID-19.

It is foreseeable that this Thursday a new step will be taken: the 70% of the population over 80 years of age who are already immune to the coronavirus. In addition, 99.2%, almost the total, have already received a dose of the vaccine and are partially protected.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, 2,809,981 over the age of 80 have already received at least one injection, while 1,905,062 are already fully vaccinated. A total of 2,834,024 people of this age had to be vaccinated against the virus.

This population group is immunized with Pfizer and Moderna, which require two doses for complete protection and establish a period of more than 20 days between the first puncture and the second.

The situation of the communities

By autonomous communities, Andalusia is the region that has immunized the most elderly people to date. Here, 352,659 octogenarians received the full vaccine schedule, representing 85.3% of this population group.

In second place is Extremadura, which has already fully vaccinated 79% of those over 80. A total of 60,053 people received the full directive. They are followed by Murcia, with 52,560 vaccinated, 75.3% of the total.

Navarra appears in fourth place with 75.2%, 30,976 elderly, with the full immunization schedule. Cantabria and Asturias are very close, both with 75.1% of people over 80 vaccinated. In the first, this figure represents 30,416 people and in the second, 65,074 people.

With 69.7% and 15,481 fully vaccinated, La Rioja appears in seventh place; followed by Castilla-La Mancha, with 69.2% and 93,565 immune; and Castilla y León, with 68.7% and 153,679 people with a full vaccination regimen.

In the lower half of the table is the Valencian Community, with 68.3% of octogenarians vaccinated, which represents 188,888 people immunized. Madrid follows, with 242,496 vaccinated elderly people (66.6%); Aragon, with 64,724 (65.5%); Ceuta, with 1704 (64.4%); and the Balearic Islands, with 31,785 (64.2%).

In the last posts are Galicia, which has immunized 62.3% of all its elders, representing 145,907 people; Basque Country, which only administered the two doses to 97,574 people of that age, 61.8%; Canarias, with 48,036 and 53.2%; and finally Catalonia, with 228,103, which represents 51%.

Below you can view the latest data regarding vaccination in Spain that has been released by the Ministry of Health.

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