71% of workers consider it very important to have well-being routines to increase productivity

71% of workers consider it very important to have well-being routines to increase productivity

If 2020 has made us understand anything, it is the importance of taking care of our health, not only in our personal sphere, but also in the paranorama of work. More and more companies are getting involved with their employees and influencing the need to implement corporate wellness programs as part of the business strategy of companies.

Due to the uncertainty that employees and businesses experience, there are several factors that affect how quickly and efficiently we do our work. One of them is the practice of physical and mental exercise to promote employee motivation and productivity, as confirmed by the survey conducted by Gympass, the world’s largest corporate wellness platform, which has performed internationally with more than 9,000 employees in 9 countries (Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy), nearly 70% consider that a good routine being is a very important factor that positively affects their performance at work.

Regarding European data, it should be noted that Spain is the country with the highest percentage of people who claim that their labor productivity improves as they integrate well-being routines into their daily life, with 71%, compared to Italians, with 59% of respondents, followed by English with 51% and Germans with 47%.

The commitment to well-being, a necessary business strategy

On the other hand, according to the global survey by Gympass, 77% of people say it is important or very important to them that their company cares about their health and makes available to them well-being plans. ‘business. A clear example of the importance of having this type of initiative for business strategy.

Regarding the data of the European countries surveyed, Germany and the United Kingdom top the list of European countries which attach greater importance to commitment to well-being, with 38%; followed by Italy, with 36%; and finally Spain, with 34%. Without a doubt, data which shows that at a time when many employees feel demotivated and experience severe burnout, it is more important than ever that companies play a key role and provide the necessary resources to improve their well- be at work.

However, it should be noted that employees claim that their companies have not contributed to their well-being at all since the start of the pandemic, with Italy being the country with the highest percentage of workers sharing this opinion ( 45%), followed by the United States. Kingdom (44%), Argentina (42%) and Spain (40%). Alarming data that leads us to the conclusion that there is still a long way to go towards a cultural change in the companies that we visualize in recent years, and stress, lack of motivation or absenteeism continue to be factors present and you have to combat them one way or another.

According to Federico de Vicente, “We are living in a period of turbulence in which it is more important than ever for companies to provide their employees with the necessary tools to improve their well-being at work. It is essential that companies invest in measures focused on wellness and, for them, from Gympass we strengthen our commitment and offer our support through our wellness services to all companies who wish to have a wellness program. -being of a company ”.

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