72.7% believe that Spain will not reach summer with 70% of the population vaccinated

Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 3:16 PM

Published on: 02/23/2021 2:57 PM

A large majority of Spaniards do not believe in the vaccination targets the government has set for next summer. This is clear from the Barometer prepared by LaSexta on the epidemiological situation in our country due to the coronavirus. A special study that was developed a year after the diagnosis of the first cases in Spain.

Specifically, 72.7% of those surveyed believe that the executive’s forecast to vaccinate 70% of the population during the summer months of 2021 will not be met, so only 26.6% believe that this goal will be met. .

According to the study carried out, depending on gender, women are a little more suspicious than men in this regard. While if we take into account the age groups, the most suspect is that between 55 and 75 years old.

In fact, 76.3% of the people questioned consider that vaccination is slow or very slow; 18.9% think the rhythm is normal; and only 4.6% of respondents believe that progress is fast or very fast.

And who is to blame for this pace? In the opinion of the participants in this study, the blame is shared between the government, the European Union, pharmaceutical companies or the autonomous communities. 39.1% consider that the culprit is the central executive; 24.7% think they are pharmaceutical companies; 24.1% consider that the fault lies with the EU; and 10.9% say that the responsibility lies in the autonomies.

Over 80% are ready to be vaccinated

As this and other research shows, the Spanish population is increasingly willing to be vaccinated. The laSexta barometer indicates that 83.5% of people questioned want to be vaccinated against 11.6% who do not.

However, the laboratories that distribute the doses against the coronavirus do not get a very good evaluation. The top rated brand is Pfizer, with an average score of 5.82. Moderna follows, with 5.44; AstraZeneca, with a 5.05; and Sputnik, who did not succeed, with 4.78.

This is a special barometer in which 1,200 people took part and which was drawn up a year after the first cases of coronavirus detected in our country.

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