75 CEOs pledge to promote their diversity, equity and inclusion policies

Inclusive leadership and ESG criteria: 75 CEOs commit to driving their diversity, equity and inclusion policies

The #CEOPorLaDiversidad alliance held the first face-to-face meeting in its second year of existence. The conference, held at the Gnova financial center in Madrid, brought together, in addition to the Adecco Foundation and the CEOE Foundation, 26 of the 75 CEOs of the companies joining the alliance, on behalf of Accenture, Aenor, Adecco, Agilent Technologies, Air Liquide, Airbus, Alstom, American Express, Baker Mackenzie, Becton Dickinson, Capgemini, Elecnor, Exolum, HP, Iberdrola, Lafarge Holcim, Mahou San Miguel, Pfizer, Red Elctrica, Renault, Sacyr, Schindler, Siemens, Stratesys, Verallia and Worldline Iberia.

Developed by the Adecco Foundation and the CEOE Foundation, the #CEOPorLaDiversidad alliance, a pioneer in Europe, has so far brought together 75 CEOs around a common and innovative vision of diversity, equity and inclusion (De & I ). Its objective is to promote the development of strategies that contribute to business excellence, to the competitiveness of talents in Spain and to the reduction of inequalities and social exclusion.

Recently and as a result of the work of this alliance, the Guide was created to accelerate the implementation of diversity strategies in the company, which was the common thread to establish a reference model and analyze the concepts and elements most strategic for senior management. companies. Their role as promoters of these policies and figure of inclusive leadership were the themes that marked the agenda of the day.

The session was chaired by Ftima Bez, President of the CEOE Foundation and Enrique Snchez, President of the Adecco Foundation, who launched a message of “commitment to the main social challenges we face in Spain and to the 2030 Agenda and, at the same time, an opportunity for these policies to help make our companies and our country more competitive ”. Asimismo, han comentado que vivimos un momento de gran transformacin social, digital y demogrfica acelerada por el coronavirus y las empresas, y quienes las lideramos, debemos inspirar a nuestros equipos, a nuestros clients, y in general at the sociedad, para generar un cambio real.

ESG criteria and inclusive leadership, at the center of the debate

If before the pandemic the Foessa Foundation estimated 6 million people at risk of social exclusion in Spain, the Covid-19 economic crisis could add 8.5 million additional people. reaching 31% of the population. In this scenario, people who were already experiencing difficulties before the pandemic run the risk of becoming doubly victimized by the crisis, chronicling their vulnerability and social exclusion. Employment becomes the most vital asset to overcome these situations and requires the commitment of the fabric of the company, which must eradicate all traces of discrimination for reasons such as age, disability, gender or situation. family. Thus, managers agreed on the need to commit to “leaving no one behind” and to launch a new normal that is inclusive from the start.

In the absence of official and definitive data on the extent of the wave of poverty and exclusion to come, one conclusion has clearly emerged: COVID-19 is reorganizing the business agenda and diversity policies must be a priority. priority shared by all organizations. “They are an essential instrument in the fight against exclusion and poverty in Spain and, at the same time, a driver of competitiveness. To the value brought by the sum of different talents, we must add the reputational and financial risks of mismanagement of diversity. Indeed, non-financial information already occupies a priority place in investment criteria, which increasingly take into account elements such as transparency, social commitment, diversity or the inclusion of people who have more. of difficulties ”- said Enrique Sánchez, president of the Adecco Foundation.

With this in mind, three new lunches are planned with the signatory managers, which will be held throughout the year, the first of which will focus on this subject so important for excellence in the management of diversity, equity and inclusion in their companies: ESG criteria in investment strategies and how diversity can help improve the competitiveness of companies.

In the words of the President of the CEOE Foundation, Ftima Bez, “diversity is the differential factor of what will be the management of people today, but especially tomorrow, in a world with great transformations which, in recent times, due to the pandemic, they have accelerated in a very relevant way “, while adding that” the recovery of the companies and for the society that we love has people at the center and in their great diversity, because multicultural teams, with ‘experience and youth, and between men and women, we are able to do things better ”.

Then, Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation commented that “this new era cannot be understood without the personal involvement of the figure of the CEO, who must be the starting point and the transmission belt so that the strategies of diversity have a real impact on the organization and can align with the 2030 Agenda. For this, it is essential to promote inclusive leadership as an element directly proportional to the success of a company.

In addition, the directors and managers present at the luncheon stressed the importance of promoting the values, attitudes and skills that an inclusive leader must possess: commitment, humility, empathy, openness and advocacy for equality, equity and inclusion, among others. . . .

The era of diversity is here

With the latest incorporations, there are now a total of 75 companies that are committed to deepening their diversity, equity and inclusion policies and strategies, internalizing the alliance model and seeking synergies between the different member companies. Synergies that can be reinforced at meetings like the one being held today in Madrid and with the conferences planned for the coming months.

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