75% of companies consult candidates’ social networks before hiring them

75% of companies consult candidates’ social networks before hiring them

Every day, it is more and more common for companies to consult the social networks of candidates in the selection processes. According to data collected by Forbes, 75% of Google’s human resources departments apply for a vacant position.

In addition, 70% of companies say they have rejected a candidate based on information posted on their social networks. Thus, 85% of companies say that a candidate’s online reputation influences decision-making in one way or another. In this sense, practically all companies claim to carry out research on the internet to find potential candidates.

However, from S & You, a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in the Selection of medium and executive profiles, they warn users of the large source of information that these data represent on the internet, because they reveal a large amount of data to companies. and recruiters when hiring new profiles.

Impact of the digital footprint on the Internet and its associated risks

The Forbes study reveals the so-called digital footprint, one of the factors HR departments take into account when hiring new profiles. This trace can be seen, above all, in social networks, simply by showing elements related to private and personal life: points of view on different subjects, way of responding to publications, pages that are followed … be valued by different people, including businesses.

The fingerprint incorporates all the movements and recordings that a user leaves when using the Internet. In most cases, they are good for the consumer, but in other cases, they can be really harmful because they put people at new risk. Covadonga San Martn, specialist in S & you selection, underlines that “today more than ever the confidentiality of our digital data has become more relevant, because there is a danger, for example, in the processing of personal information by third parties, whether individuals or organizations. . It is a question which must be taken into account and with which we must be careful “

The power to control your own fingerprint

The digital footprint on the Internet has the ability to define the identity of each user based on the sites they visit and the searches they conduct. Therefore, using social networks in a responsible and professional manner can be an ally to value and control the fingerprint, and for example help in the process of job search.

San Martn adds that: We always recommend applicants to be consistent and respectful on social media. It is important to show thoughtful opinions, to write without spelling mistakes and to show that you are interested and up to date in your professional area ”.

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