75% of Spaniards have developed “burnt worker syndrome”

More than 50,000 Spanish professionals from different companies and sectors have already taken the GoodHabitz course to fight burnout. The company, creator of the method that revolutionized e-learning in companies and European leader in online learning, integrated this new training in January to help identify and prevent one of the professional phenomena of the 21st century , recognized last year by the World Organization. health (WHO).

Individual and collective habits have been changed very aggressively over the past year. Without adequate resources to mitigate the high level of uncertainty to which businesses and workers are subject, it is difficult to sustain the performance of any role without significant changes, regardless of the level of responsibility or function in the structure. of the company.

While it was already present in the world of work, this phenomenon was alarmingly triggered by remote working and all the changes arising from the limits imposed by the pandemic. GoodHabitz has clearly detected the need to provide resources to help prevent and combat burnout, says Roel Koppens, Managing Director of GoodHabitz in Spain and Portugal.

To this end, GoodHabitz integrated this new ad hoc training course last January. In just over two months, more than 50,000 professionals, in a wide variety of industries, have accessed the information and resources with which the revolutionary e-learning platform wants to contribute to mitigate the impact that teleworking, so-called reboarding or returning to the physical work position (also stressful) can be the root cause of employees, managers and business leaders.

In such an exceptional situation, GoodHabitz is updating its training offer to give employees and companies the means to identify weaknesses, prevent consequences and enhance team strengths. Focused on support and not on paternalism, it integrates tools for a new corporate culture.

We all know that absenteeism and reduced performance have a direct impact on the financial results of the company, but also on its image and its reputation, recalls Koppens. In the digital world, we cannot forget it, there are tangibles and intangibles to measure, he adds.

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