77% of workers expect their company to promote health and well-being policies

77% of workers expect their company to promote health and well-being policies

According to data from the latest Global Benefits Attitudes survey conducted by Willis Towers Watson in Spain, one in three employees suffered from mental or physical illnesses; 25% of those consulted suffered from stress, depression or anxiety, which hampered the development of their professional activities; and nearly 2 out of 5 employees say they live from month to month on their income. The report, prepared at the end of 2019, also reveals that employees with health problems and / or financial problems are twice as likely to have a precarious social life.

As Gema Jimnez, director of health and benefits business development at Willis Towers Watson Espaa, explains, “The social and economic crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly worsened this situation and we see that the complexity of the management of people and benefits for the Human Resources teams of companies, an area in which value propositions geared towards health, well-being and initiatives and tools geared towards the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among employees gain weight and are more and more necessary and better valued by the templates. Companies must realize the need to implement well-being policies and seek advice on how to do it in the best way and with the best results ”.

This is shown by the latest Global Benefits Attitude Survey report prepared by Willis Towers Watson after consulting more than 40,000 employees of companies around the world. Among its main conclusions, it emerges that 77% of them expect their company to be more active in promoting a healthy lifestyle; only 31% see their health and wellness needs covered by their company’s programs; and only 27% of workers believe that the resources and initiatives offered by your company have encouraged them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

How to set up a corporate well-being model?

Willis Towers Watson’s health and benefits sector specializes in helping organizations deliver the most appropriate health and benefit programs to improve the well-being of their employees. In this context, the consulting firm has developed the 2021 Corporate Well-Being Program, intended primarily for Human Resources departments, with an approach in four phases, each with its respective tools and methodologies: initial diagnosis, implementation, monitoring and analysis.

Initial diagnosis. Willis Towers Watson analyzes the company’s point of view in welfare policies, consults employees to find out their priorities and expectations, and also studies the company’s point of view and possibilities in relation to its market. With this, he manages to obtain the diagnostic synergies that allow to know the ideal roadmap for each company and to create a personalized program. Implementation At this stage, TeleWellbeing is launched, the online center of the Corporate Wellbeing Program 2021, a health and fitness application specially designed for companies to offer wellness experiences to their employees. The possibilities are very wide, among others, sessions of physical, nutritional and emotional activity, sporting events, live sessions, a private space where you can select personal training, in groups, communities, webinars with experts, etc. The follow-up. In a coordinated manner and aligned with the organization’s goals, well-being needs are identified, goals and objectives are programmed and effective and measurable strategies are implemented, consolidating a culture of well-being with which to achieve l ideal state of the employee, reducing absenteeism, presentism and unproductivity. Analysis: The last stage of the program integrates methodologies that provide an analysis of the results and allow the generation of a report of usage indicators, which will serve as a basis for the proposal of actions to be carried out and, thus, will be able to guarantee the success. With this report of results, not only the ROI (Return on Investment) of the company is obtained, but the VOI (Value of Investment for its acronym in English) of the Well-being is incorporated as a differentiating value, a key metric in the 2021 Corporate Wellbeing Program, providing every business with the overall value generated by investing in wellbeing, including intangible aspects, such as the level of worker happiness.

“Wellbeing Corporativo 2021 is a global program that allows the development of strategies totally adapted to each company. We have a team of wellness and health specialists, who work hand in hand and with the support, advice and management of the team of social benefits experts, integrating knowledge into the process. and data from life, accident and health programs. so that organizations provide the best possible services to their employees and maximize their investment. Based on our experience and the knowledge of each company, we design the model that best meets its needs and those of its different segments of employees, optimizing administrative processes and always striving for efficiency and improvement. employee experience, ”explains Gema Jimnez.

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