79% of Spanish workers will not return to their pre-COVID way of working

Almost eight in ten Spanish employees (79%) would like to reconsider and change the way they work before Covid 19. Instead of going back to the same situation as before, Spanish workers are considering new priorities, such as spending more time on them. relatives (49%) and their leisure activities (32%), the possibility of saving (43%) or teleworking (32%). This is data that reveals a new global study commissioned by Kaspersky and conducted among 8,000 employees of SMEs in various industries around the world.

The reality of teleworking has led management teams to focus on the resilience and security of their businesses. For their part, employees take advantage of this moment of change to reassess their priorities and plan for the future around what really matters to them. As work and personal life change, employees are more likely to decide.

Not having to adhere to rigid work routines means employees are reconsidering the “new normal” in the workplace, seeking inspiration from more agile, satisfying and human work cultures. In the future, more than half of Spanish workers (51%) would like to leave the traditional working hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., a figure even higher in the 25 to 34 age group (55%), which suggests an upward trend. Just over a quarter of Spanish respondents (27%) would also like to change the five-day working week and a similar percentage would like to break with the structure of fixed office jobs.

The survey also highlighted that nearly a third (32%) of Spanish employees see telecommuting as the fourth biggest benefit they can gain from the coronavirus crisis, surpassed only by spending time with family (49 %), the possibility of saving (43%) or devoting more time to leisure (34%). In fact, most of the benefits revolve around finding new opportunities for personal growth outside of work, as achieving that work-life balance is even more important.

However, as employees continue to embrace more flexible ways of working and thinking ahead, it is essential that companies continue to adapt and increase their support. Given that four in ten Spanish workers (41%) surveyed request more technological support from their teleworking organization, it is evident that there is an urgent need to provide them with the necessary tools and technology to improve their productivity, connectivity and security.

Alexander Moiseev, Commercial Director of Kaspersky, says: “We are at a defining and really interesting time. It is clear that this pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation and the merger of our work and our personal lives. What we are seeing now, is that employees use technology to take ownership of their future and actively take the lead in embracing change in pursuit of greater freedom and flexibility. Businesses have a duty to transform and reshape the workplace to be more productive, sustainable and adaptive “.

To help organizations protect their work teams, Kaspersky offers the following recommendations:

Train employees to be more digital. Whether you are working from home or in a coffee shop, telecommuting creates a new way of behavior and mindset Increase your staff’s cybersecurity awareness with Kaspersky’s automated security awareness platform and encourage them to apply the acquired knowledge in the game. [Dis]Also connected in everyday life. Implement measures to protect corporate data and devices, including enabling password protection, encrypting work devices, and making sure you have a copy of the data. Increase security inside and outside the office. Securing employees, whether they are at their desks or telecommuting, and whatever device they use, is now easier than ever with solutions like Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

The full report, “Securing the Future of Work”, is available here. To learn more about Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud and how to provide robust protection against evolving threats, visit the website.

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