8-year-old was swallowed by demon crocodile, body torn apart after tearing his stomach – eight-year-old boy’s body cut from crocodile stomach that swallowed him all news viral in hindi

In Indonesia, the body of an eight-year-old child was exhumed by tearing the stomach of a giant crocodile. The baby had been swallowed whole by the crocodile a day earlier. It is said that the child was fishing with his father in the province of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Just then a large crocodile pulled the child.

The child’s father was not armed by a huge crocodile
Stunned by this incident, the father tried to catch the crocodile. He also attempted to free his child from the clutches of an unarmed crocodile, but he did not stand in front of this giant crocodile and escaped from the hold. The crocodile was so powerful that it even dragged the child’s father into the deep water.

Child’s body removed from crocodile’s stomach
The name of the father of the child would be Subaliniyah and that of the child Dimas. They earn their living by fishing. According to local media, the crocodile swallowed the baby without biting. When the giant crocodile was caught on Thursday, Dimas’ entire body was recovered from his stomach. However, by then this innocent was dead.

The child died in the stomach of a crocodile
An official with the local search and rescue agency said the child’s father faced the huge crocodile with great bravery. But, due to the great strength, he escaped from its grip and escaped. When the crocodile was bitten and the child was taken away, he was lifeless.

There was a huge crowd of people gathered
When the crocodile was captured and brought to the village, hundreds of people gathered to see it. People bid farewell to the dead child with wet eyes. After this incident, people were told to watch out for crocodile attacks.

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